SuperTank Pro: The Surprisingly Compact Mobile Power Station from Zendure


PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#100w--Zendure has launched SuperTank Pro, the Ultimate Mobile Power Solution that allows working professionals to set up a workstation anywhere they need. SuperTank Pro is the newest edition to Zendure’s SuperTank series.

SuperTank Pro is a high-power battery pack with 100W USB-C and 138W total output that can charge laptops including the 16” MacBook Pro, as well as tablets, smartphones, and gaming consoles. Thanks to its 26,800mAh capacity, SuperTank Pro can keep a smartphone powered through 7 days of typical usage. You can charge up to 4 devices at a time. Updatable firmware means SuperTank Pro will be compatible with next-gen devices. This reduces the financial and environmental burden of having to buy new compatible hardware.

“With more people working from home due to COVID-19, the long-term shift to mobile workstations has really accelerated,” said Tom Haflinger, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer for Zendure. “SuperTank Pro meets the challenge of keeping all of your work devices charged pretty much anywhere, without having to carry a bunch of separate chargers.”

Pass-through charging allows you to recharge your SuperTank Pro from the USB-C input port while simultaneously delivering power to other USB-C devices. The OLED screen provides useful power specs, including the number of devices, input and output status, battery capacity, and more, so you can take better control of your devices' battery levels throughout the day. 100W input power is sufficient to recharge SuperTank Pro in just 90 minutes using a 100W power supply like Zendure SuperPort S4.

SuperTank Pro is designed for everyone. Professionals who are looking for ways to make their work life more convenient. Digital Nomads who need to set up a mobile workstation on short notice. If you’re working remotely--even very remotely, you won’t need to hunt for a power outlet if you have SuperTank Pro.

SuperTank Pro will be available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting Monday, August 31st. Early backers can order SuperTank Pro and SuperPort S4 at a deep discount from the anticipated retail price.

Check out SuperTank Pro and SuperPort S4 on Kickstarter!

About Zendure

Zendure was founded in 2013 by Tom Haflinger and Bryan Liu. Zendure has a portfolio of innovative, premium quality products delivered to over 25,000 backers on Kickstarter, including the A-Series, the world's first crush-proof external batteries; SuperTank, a massive portable charger that has brought in over $1,000,000 USD in funding worldwide; SuperMini, a credit-card-sized 10,000mAh portable chargers with 18W Power Delivery; and SuperHub, a compact charger, HDMI adapter and USB hub with dual PD output. All of their crowdfunding projects are successfully fulfilled. Zendure’s experience with charging technology and their concern for the current global situation have led us to the release of SuperTank Pro.


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