Sanity Abuzz With $9.3 Million Series A

SAN FRANCISCO —, which operates a developer-focused content platform, has raised $9.3 million in Series A funding to expand its platform and build out its developer community. The A round was led by Threshold Ventures and brings Sanity’s total funding to $12.8 million.

Josh Stein, managing partner at Threshold Ventures and Jesse Robbins, partner at Heavybit will join Sanity’s board of directors.

Included in the round are Ev Williams, co-founder of Twitter and Medium; Adam Gross, ex-CEO of Heroku; Guillermo Rauch, inventor of NextJS and CEO and co-founder of Vercel; Stephanie Friedman, formerly of Xamarin and Microsoft; and Ben Metcalfe’s newly-launched Monochrome Capital. Sanity’s existing investors include Matthias Biilman and Chris Bach, co-founders of Netlify; Jon Dal CEO and co-founder of Mux; and Edvard Engsæth, co-founder of NURX.

The announcement comes one year after the Company’s seed round of 2.4 million, led by Heavybit inc. and Alliance Venture, both of which participated in the new fundraising round.

“We are thrilled to work with Threshold and welcome Josh Stein and Jesse Robbins to the board,” said Magnus Hillestad, co-founder and CEO of Sanity. “As content needs have grown more complex, developers, editors and product managers need better tools to manage content. Sanity is designed and built to be extended by developers to give intuitive and efficient real time content collaboration, and to structure content for efficient iteration and distribution.”

“We’re seeing a tidal wave of companies transform and digitize every aspect of their business, but the tools they use limit their progress,” said Josh Stein, partner, Threshold Ventures. “Sanity’s content platform liberates content and content owners by enabling a truly collaborative and customizable experience, while treating content as data to maximize content velocity across all customer touchpoints and surfaces. We’re excited to back the Sanity team and their impressive developer-focused content management platform.”

Sanity has built a community of more than 25,000 developers, including hobbyists and Fortune 500 companies alike, such as Sonos, Conde Nast, National Geographic Society, Brex, Figma, Cloudflare, Mux, Remarkable, Kleiner Perkins, Tablet Magazine, MIT, Universal Health Services, Eurostar, and Nike.