Sana Behavioral Hospital Chain Selects CareVue EHR Platform

Focusing on the acute and behavioral health needs of older patients, Sana picks Medsphere’s affordable solution to support current and planned facilities

SALT LAKE CITY & CARLSBAD, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#RCMCloud--Medsphere Systems Corporation, the leading provider of affordable and interoperable healthcare IT platform solutions, today announced that the Sana Behavioral Hospitals will implement the company’s CareVue Cloud electronic health record (EHR) and RCM Cloud solutions. Sana Behavioral Hospital occupies a unique niche focused on caring for the acute and behavioral health needs of patients over 50 years of age.

Sana Behavioral Hospital currently runs one facility in Prescott, AZ, and will be opening additional facilities in Tri Cities, WA, Gilbert, AZ, and Hurricane, UT. Sana will also implement the CareVue platform in a Las Vegas facility the company manages.

"The combination of an affordable subscription service model and specific functionality developed for behavioral health made it clear that CareVue is the platform for us,” said Sana Behavioral Hospital CEO Ryan Eggleston. “With the expansion plans we have for Sana Behavioral Hospital facilities, we also appreciate that Medsphere offers cloud-based solutions that enable us to stand up healthcare IT systems quickly and with comparative ease.”

In a country increasingly struggling with mental illness, Sana Behavioral Hospital facilities make the mental health of a particularly vulnerable population segment a priority through a combination of clinical care and therapeutic approaches like yoga, art and music.

“America’s ongoing mental health crisis, obviously exacerbated by the pandemic, will not be solved without a comprehensive approach that includes both public and private sectors,” said Medsphere CEO Irv Lichtenwald. “Companies like Sana Behavioral Hospital occupy an essential space in the effort to repair the behavioral health system, and we’re pleased that we can contribute to the necessary care they provide.”

Beyond CareVue and RCM Cloud, Medsphere provides healthcare IT solutions for emergent, ambulatory and inpatient behavioral health settings, as well as a supply-chain management suite. The company’s outsourcing / consulting division works with hospitals to improve facility function and backstop hard-to-retain IT roles.

About Sana Behavioral Hospital

Sana Behavioral Hospital’s mission is to provide a healing environment where patients feel safe and well cared for. Sana is committed to making a positive contribution to the communities and people the organization serves. Sana Behavioral Hospital patients receive personalized care through an integrated team of caregivers led by a board-certified psychiatrist and board-certified internal or family medicine physician. Together, the team focuses on the physical and psychiatric care of patients age 50 and older. Sana’s behavioral health hospitals provide acute inpatient care and are licensed by the state where operating. Sana is a private corporation established in 2018, with plans to continue building hospitals and bringing excellent care to communities where they serve the psychiatric health needs of older adults.

About Medsphere

Founded in 2002 and based in Carlsbad, Calif., Medsphere Systems Corporation is an organization of committed clinical and technology professionals working to positively impact patient care by delivering

award-winning healthcare IT solutions for providers of every size and budget. Medsphere’s portfolio includes CareVue, an integrated inpatient EHR platform that provides comprehensive clinical support, Wellsoft EDIS and urgent care solutions, and RCM Cloud, a complete end-to-end revenue cycle management solution.

Medsphere’s ChartLogic division offers a complete ambulatory suite including EHR, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and Patient Portal. Using a vendor-independent approach to helping hospitals solve critical challenges, the Phoenix Health Systems division provides a host of healthcare IT services, including systems implementation, project management, remote service desk, end-user device management, application management and IT leadership. Medsphere’s Government Services Division also applies legacy EHR expertise to development and testing projects for both the Department of Veterans Affairs and Indian Health Service.

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