RED Digital Unveils the KOMODO 6K Compact Digital Cinema Camera; More Info at B&H

Pro Video News: The KOMODO 6K Digital Cinema Camera is RED DIGITAL CINEMA’s Newest Offering Aimed at a Wider, Budget-Conscious Audience

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#REDDigital--B&H is excited to announce yet another new and innovative RED DIGITAL CINEMA camera to push color, form, and camera sensor technology boundaries. This revolutionary and highly accessible camera is the RED KOMODO 6K, an all-in-one Super 35mm cinema camera in a form that even budget-conscious run-and-gun filmmakers can afford and understand. This fully redesigned powerhouse takes an extremely compact form, weighing in at a scant 2.1 lb and measuring 4" square, while still providing a powerful set of professional cinema features at a surprisingly affordable price point.

Red KOMODO’s features include:

  • A whopping 19.9 MP Super 35 CMOS sensor
  • Recording up to 6K40 resolution with anamorphic format options
  • Slow-motion recording up to 2K at 120 fps
  • Wireless smartphone control capability
  • Canon RF mount
  • Global shutter
  • CFast 2.0 card recording
  • SDI and 3.5mm audio output
  • Touchscreen Phase-Detection Autofocus
  • REDCODE RAW R3D recording
  • Modular design that allows a wide range of accessories

All these features, and more, add up to an impressive level of cinema quality. The camera will initially be released as the KOMODO ST Limited Edition kit, which includes a special white version of the camera, a power kit, and an RF-to-EF mount lens adapter.

Recording Features

The camera features include a brand-new, 19.9 MP Super 35 CMOS sensor that records an impressive maximum resolution of 6144 x 3240 at up to 40 fps when recording in sensor mode. It records onto a proprietary CFast 2.0 card with a data rate up to 280 MB/s and can record and output up to 4K60, and up to an impressive 2K120 for slow and variable motion shots, all in REDCODE RAW R3D format. It also supports ProRes 422 HQ format up to DCI 4K60 and 2K120 for quicker transfer and turnaround time.

The KOMODO also utilizes a global shutter, which is rare on many current video cameras. Global shutters differ from a rolling shutter by capturing the entire sensor area simultaneously when creating the image rather than a sequential, line-by-line scan of the rolling shutter (see our article about global versus rolling shutters for more information). The global shutter eliminates artifacts due to rolling shutter and has been optimized here to still provide images with low noise and high dynamic range.

In terms of color management, the camera supports RED's IPP2 (Image Processing Pipeline) for dynamic color and gamma with intense detail and high roll-off that is standardized throughout the RED camera range. Using IPP2 as well as 3D LUTs (Lookup Tables) and the ability to import CDLs (Color Decision Lists) allow you to standardize your look across multiple RED cameras.

Form Factor

While remaining modular just like RED's legacy cameras, the KOMODO also provides an all-in-one, quick setup form factor, straddling the old and the new world of RED design, so you can get up and running immediately but also customize it to your needs. If you're using the KOMODO for a studio production or in the field for a documentary, its size and form are highly mobile and versatile for single or multicamera setups, as well as on mobile rigs or even professional-grade gimbals and drones.

An RF-to-EF mount mechanical adapter is available separately, and a separate RF-to-EF mount adapter that will pass electronic signaling can also be used. An RF mount has same large image diameter as an EF mount and a similar bayonet design, but it has more detailed electronic signaling with 12-pin contacts as opposed to 8-pin on the EF mount for faster autofocus and stabilization using a microprocessor built into the lens. The mount enables an optical design for better handling of chromatic aberrations, which slightly enhances image quality.

The integrated 2.9" 720p touchscreen LCD allows you to preview and set the camera’s configuration, and it also supports touchscreen phase-detection autofocus. Borrowed from stills cameras, phase-detect AF uses advanced on-sensor points that can detect differences in distance to quickly calculate where to focus in the scene. Compared to older, contrast-only based systems, phase-detect is faster and more responsive. The touchscreen allows you to quickly and intuitively select the autofocus area, and then you can let the camera take over while you record.

Red Digital KOMODO Inputs and Outputs

This well-rounded camera also features numerous options for input, output, and power, including:

  • Support for up to 12G-SDI monitor output with resolutions up to UHD 4K60 4:2:2
  • Built-in stereo microphones
  • A 3.5mm line audio input that records up to 24-bit, 48 kHz uncompressed audio
  • Dual Canon BP-9 battery plate
  • 2-pin LEMO-type DC power input

When using the optional Expander Module, KOMODO production features include Wi-Fi support, Genlock, Timecode input, GPIO, and RS-232 serial control.

Ready to Accessorize

In addition to the Expander Module, a full line of accessories will be available separately from RED with the camera's introduction:

  • Designed specifically for the KOMODO, the Outrigger Handle creates a solid grip while also providing start/stop function, and it features two 1/4"-20 threads for mounting additional gear
  • A 512GB CFast Media Card (only certified for use with the KOMODO) will come in handy for those meaty 6K REDCODE RAW R3D files
  • A CFast 2.0 Card Reader specifically designed for the KOMODO CFast 512GB card
  • An AC Power Adapter
  • A Timecode Cable when using the Expander Module
  • 3' and 6' power cables for when you need more powerful offboard power sources

Wooden Camera is also releasing a full line of accessories for the KOMODO, such as a top handle, baseplate, battery slide, monitor hinges, an R-to-PL mount adapter, and various accessory kits.

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