QURAS Announces Listing on Leading Digital Asset Exchange, CoinTiger

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CoinTiger--Today, QURAS, the next generation blockchain protocol that enables privacy-protected transactions, announced that its native token, XQC, has listed on CoinTiger. Singapore-based CoinTiger is a leading global digital asset exchange with over 2.8 million registered users. This is the third exchange listing of the QURAS native token, following successful listings on Bithumb Global and BiKi in October and November, respectively. By listing on CoinTiger, QURAS continues to deliver on growth initiatives in Asia, building a considerable presence in the region prior to its mainnet launch in February 2020.

QURAS is a public blockchain protocol that allows anonymous, private transactions in smart contracts. The protocol’s enduring mission is to enhance privacy, security, usability, and scalability in order to promote real-world implementation of blockchain technology. By applying two privacy technologies, Ring Signature and Zero-Knowledge Proof, QURAS is the first blockchain to allow privacy toggling and enable private transactions without sacrificing regulatory compliance.

Additionally, QURAS is expanding to the use of blockchain to new industries and major enterprises that cannot utilize current public blockchains given that they are highly transparent and lack necessary confidentiality measures. Industries that can stand to benefit from the protocol include finance, healthcare, insurance, and gaming, among others. QURAS incentivizes protocol adoption for the long-term by sharing transaction fees with project operators, and by having two types of staking for token holders.

By partnering with CoinTiger, QURAS is able to provide greater liquidity to XQC holders while opening the doors to a new market of digital asset investors. When asked about listing on CoinTiger, Shigeki Kakutani, CEO and Founder of QURAS, said, “CoinTiger is a strategic partner that we are set to grow with in Asia and beyond. CoinTiger’s fast expanding base universe of listed projects present us with an exciting opportunity to continually evaluate new applications that can be built on the QURAS protocol.”


As a secret contract platform for ‘Privacy 2.0’, QURAS aims to lead the revolution of information protection by using cutting-edge blockchain technology. With QURAS, the utilization of public blockchains in industries that require confidentiality becomes possible. Also, by implementing a system to return transaction fees to project operators, QURAS expects to improve the continuity of blockchain projects. QURAS was founded in 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit: https://quras.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/qurasofficial
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About CoinTiger

CoinTiger is a global digital asset exchange based in Singapore. CoinTiger boasts over 2.8 million registered users across 40+ countries, and has more than 120,000 daily active users. In addition to being a prominent exchange platform, CoinTiger also provides financial services, consulting, and funding to support the growth of promising blockchain projects. CoinTiger consistently ranks as one of the top 30 global exchanges by trading volume. The company was founded in 2017. For more information, please visit: https://www.cointiger.com/en-us/#/index


Ken Misuma, QURAS Chief Marketing Officer