New Guidebook from Nucleus Research Helps Technology Buyers Determine Best Fit for Deep Learning Implementation, Highlighting AWS as Cloud Platform of Choice

Analyst Daniel Elman Provides In-Depth Analysis of Cloud-based Deep Learning Projects Utilizing AWS Infrastructure Services

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nucleus Research today published “Deep Learning on AWS,” a new guidebook for companies looking to implement deep learning at scale to solve real-world problems. Compiled by Nucleus analyst Daniel Elman, the guidebook provides clear direction for companies in a variety of industries to best utilize development frameworks and cloud infrastructure such as AWS to explore deep learning.

The guide is the result of interviews and analysis from 316 unique deep learning projects across a span of industries, offering companies that are considering deep learning implementation in a public cloud tailored insights best fit for their goals.

Nucleus found that in 2019, an increasing number of companies were looking to implement deep learning at scale, a continuing trend from last year. For the second time in two years, the number of deep learning projects in production have more than doubled, primarily due to the increased availability of cloud infrastructure and services from vendors like AWS, advances to the state-of-the-art in deep learning with improved techniques, and continued investment in the community to share experiences and enable other deep learning researchers.

As businesses gain interest in exploring deep learning, Nucleus maintains that the most efficient strategy is to partner with a cloud vendor, such as AWS, that already has the infrastructure, expertise, and additional services to bring deep learning from concept to completion.

Through our analysis, we found that Amazon’s field-specific investments in machine learning services and platform flexibility make it the cloud platform of choice for deep learning professionals,” says Elman. “Amazon has earned its reputation as the most mature and sophisticated enterprise cloud technology provider, and many of the companies we interviewed expressed satisfaction with Amazon’s services for deep learning projects.”

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