McDonald’s Launching New Dollar Menu


mcdonaldsdollarMcDonald’s is launching a new Dollar Menu starting January 1 with food from $1 to $3 each.

The new $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu will kick off the New Year with several items at an affordable price. The chain has over 14,000 restaurants nationwide and is partnering with delivery through UberEATS where available.

“We built this new menu with variety and value firmly in mind,” said Chris Kempczinski, president, McDonald’s USA. “Our new value menu includes surprises like our completely new Classic Chicken sandwich, the inclusion of our Happy Meal and more. Whatever our guests crave – a delicious meal, a new taste, a mid-day snack or a family treat – they will find that $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu provides them with value and choice.”

The $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu has three simple price points with thousands of possible combinations and will be available nationwide at participating restaurants beginning January 4. Each tier provides guests with breakfast, burger, chicken and beverage options. Specifically, the new menu includes the following options*:

●    $1 menu items: Sausage Burrito, McChicken, Cheeseburger, any size soft drink
●    $2 menu items: Sausage McGriddles, 2-piece Buttermilk Crispy Tenders, Bacon McDouble, small McCafé beverage
●    $3 menu items: Sausage McMuffin with Egg, new Classic Chicken Sandwich, Triple Cheeseburger, Happy Meal

Not all restaurants may offer these deals and the menu could vary.

This marks the first time McDonald’s has included the Happy Meal on a nationwide value menu. McDonald’s is also using $1 $2 $3 Dollar Menu to introduce the new Classic Chicken Sandwich, which features a buttermilk crispy chicken filet made with all white meat served on a toasted bun with pickles and the recently introduced creamy, sweet and tangy Signature Sauce. Like all of McDonald’s national sandwiches, the bun for the Classic Chicken Sandwich has no high-fructose corn syrup, and like every chicken item McDonald’s serves in the United States, the chicken filet is made from chicken not treated with antibiotics important to human medicine.

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