Logz.io Becomes a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner to Offer Enhanced Monitoring and Performance for Game Developers and Creators

BOSTON & TEL AVIV, Israel--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Logz.io, the leading cloud-native observability platform for modern DevOps teams, today announced that it is now a Unity Technologies Verified Solutions Partner. Being a Verified Solutions Partner means Logz.io has been verified by Unity to ensure its logging service is optimized for usage with Unity-owned service, Multiplay, providing a best in class experience for Multiplay customers. As a Verified Solutions Partner (VSP), Logz.io joins other industry-leading solutions to help deliver innovation and performance for the millions of professional developers, artists, hobbyists, and students that create some of the world’s most popular games and digital experiences on the Unity platform. Developers can now deploy the Logz.io cloud observability platform to monitor the health of their applications, analyze logs and metrics and troubleshoot issues faster without sacrificing development cycles and engineering resources.

Many of the world’s leading developers are focused on creating visionary gaming experiences for consumers, and these engineers embrace the broad ecosystem of open source solutions available to optimize the development and end-user experience. The Unity Verified Solutions Program was designed to support this community of Unity developers and creators through partnerships with technologies to help shorten application delivery times, improve game performance, minimize downtime, and accelerate adoption.

Logz.io’s cloud-based platform, based on the leading open source solutions for observability, including an ELK-based Log Management and Grafana-compatible Infrastructure Monitoring offering, meets the objectives of the program and will help Unity engineers save valuable time and development costs while delivering a better gaming experience. Logz.io provides the Unity community with a unified, open-source observability platform that improves performance monitoring and visibility during development, QA, and production.

“We are excited to extend our relationship with Unity by joining the VSP program to help game developers and creators improve observability and monitoring with the power of open source technology,” said Asaf Yigal, VP of Product Management, Logz.io. “Our platform helps developers design better performing games and applications by spending less time on monitoring, and more time on building. We look forward to working with the Unity community to help save valuable engineering time and resources.”

As a testament to the value of Logz.io’s monitoring capabilities, Unity is also a long-time Logz.io customer. The Unity DevOps team leverages Logz.io as their centralized log analysis platform to monitor and troubleshoot their cloud environment.

“The Unity team is thrilled to welcome Logz.io into the VSP program. As a leader in cloud observability and monitoring, Logz.io’s platform is embraced by open source advocates and developers in multiple industries around the world,” said Steven Hartland, Director of Engineering at Unity. “We look forward to extending Logz.io’s reach into the Unity community and helping our creators develop innovative games and applications faster and more performantly.”

For more information on Logz.io and the VSP Program, please visit https://unity.com/partners/verified-solutions. To contact Logz.io for more information on the partnership, visit here, or sign up for a free trial of Logz.io’s observability platform.

About Logz.io

Logz.io is a cloud-native observability platform that enables engineers to use the best open source tools in the market without the complexity of operating, managing, and scaling them. Logz.io offers three products: Log Management built on ELK, Infrastructure Monitoring compatible with Grafana, and an ELK-based Cloud SIEM. These are offered as fully managed, integrated cloud services designed to help engineers monitor, troubleshoot and secure their distributed cloud workloads more effectively. Engineering driven companies like Siemens, Turner Broadcasting, and Unity use Logz.io to simplify monitoring and security workflows, increasing developer productivity, reducing time to resolve issues, and increasing the performance and security of their mission-critical applications.


Jeff Benanto