Legacybox Surpasses 750,000 Customers

The need to digitize analog media is increasing rapidly, Legacybox has stepped up to lead the service as it climbs closer to 1 million served while maintaining a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Legacybox, the world’s largest mail-in solution for digitizing home videos and photos, has surpassed 750,000 customers served, a number that continues to rapidly increase during this Holiday season and as awareness of the need to preserve analog media by digitizing it grows.

“Legacybox started from the realization that our own childhood memories were stuck on old, aging media,” said Legacybox co-founders Nick Macco and Adam Boeselager. “We saw that nearly every family in America had the same problem, and we were all putting these most important life moments at risk. So, we brought our idea to life in a tiny garage. It is awe-inspiring to think that just six years later we have served over 750,000 families and now operate a 52,000 square foot world class tech center dedicated to digitizing.”

Added Macco and Boeselager, “We truly believe we’ve only scratched the surface in reaching those whose family legacy can be saved for generations with Legacybox.”

A testament to reaching the 750,000-customer milestone, Legacybox makes it simple for all customers. Each Legacybox kit includes a step-by-step welcome guide, safety barcodes for every item and a pre-paid UPS® shipping label. Once it is filled, it is as simple as dropping Legacybox off at a UPS location where it is shipped directly to the company.

When it arrives on the company’s campus, Legacybox’s team of professionals digitizes each item by hand and provides personalized updates at each step of the process. When the full order is completed, customers receive their original media back, along with perfectly preserved copies of their choosing (thumb drive, the cloud or DVDs).

As the number of customers grows, Legacybox customer service scores rise along with it as the company continually implements original and innovative tracking and customer communication technologies.

Today, Legacybox customer service remains at or above 97% customer satisfaction rate. To learn more about Legacybox, visit legacybox.com.


Justin Wilson