Hack at the Harbor 2020 Speaker Sessions Announced

“Election Security,” “Cyber Cold War - Saudi vs. Iran,” “The Evolution of Offensive Assessments,” “Cultivate Your Human Network,” “Rational Cybersecurity for Business,” and “Fixing Skills Gaps” Among the Lineup of 15 Free Sessions by All-Star Speakers.

BALTIMORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#CTF--Point3 Security, the leader in advanced training of cybersecurity professionals through gamified challenges, is pleased to announce the keynote speakers and session roster for its premier Hack at the Harbor virtual security conference, which takes place on September 25, 2020.

Hack at the Harbor is designed by and for security professionals, to empower security teams and work environments, and to help security professionals advance their career goals. Sessions will provide attendees with actionable information and upskilling opportunities, focusing on topics such as new risks and attacks, identifying and addressing critical skills gaps, team building, supporting security staff, communication across departments around security, mental health support, putting diversity & inclusion goals into practice, security trends, and educating teams.

Presentation Sessions

The line-up of presenters and 15 free sessions for cybersecurity professionals that will be conducted online on September 25, 2020 now includes:

  • Election Security – View from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS.gov): Protecting the process against escalating threats. Presenter: Chris Krebs, Director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
  • Cultivate Your Human Network Like a Garden: We all know that computer networking is one of the major fundamentals for information security. What too often gets overlooked is the value of cultivating a human network among your coworkers and professional peers. This panel discussion will feature three infosec practitioners whose wealth of experience in successfully utilizing their human networks to grow their careers and knowledge will help listeners plant the seeds of professional networking, and maintain, thrive and grow that network. Lead: Davin Jackson, Senior Penetration Tester & Consultant, Alpha Cyber Security. Presenters: Tracy Z. Maleeff, Information Security Analyst, The New York Times Company; Xena Olsen, cyber expert.
  • The Evolution of Offensive Assessments: Vulnerability scans. Penetration tests. Red Teams. Purple Teams. Breach and attack simulation. Adversarial emulation. There are a lot of ways to assess and understand your risk. This session helps cyber pros determine what’s best and how to implement it in their organization. Presenter: Bryson Bort, Founder, SCYTHE and GRIMM, Co-Founder, ICS Village.
  • Fixing Skills Gaps: Hiring top talent is a challenge, and ensuring they have the correct skills while on the job is a whole other challenge in itself. This brief session shows how to implement continuous skills testing throughout the lifecycle of an employee. Presenter: Mari Galloway, CEO and a founding board member for the Women's Society of Cyberjutsu (WSC).
  • Rational Cybersecurity for Business: A security leader’s guide to business alignment. Presenter: Dan Blum, Managing Partner and Principal Consultant, Security Architects.
  • Cyber Cold War by Proxy - Saudi vs. Iran: Welcome to the new Cold War in the Middle East, Iran vs. Saudi Arabia & the entire region. The year 2012 almost crashed every world economy, threatening to bring the modern world to an end with the first Shamoon attacks by Iran. Since then, Iran has launched devastating cyber attacks against its perceived enemies involving critical infrastructure, to manipulate the oil markets in its favor. Presenter: Chris Kubecka, CEO, Founder, HypaSec NL, InfoGath UK and Fellow, The Middle East Institute.
  • Burnout: The Art of Balancing: Have you ever felt like no matter how much sleep you get, you feel exhausted? Struggle to concentrate? Having trouble balancing work and personal life? Or perhaps feel your work is your life? Burnout. We all go through it at one point. It feels like you are low on battery and it can cause emotional and physical issues. Mental health is an ongoing issue within infosec before and during COVID-19. There's a fine balance between hacking and personal life. Majority of the time, they cross over. This talk shares an overview of the warning signs, symptoms, and practices to prevent burnout and how to deal with burnout to keep balanced. Presenter: Chloé Messdaghi, VP of Strategy, Point3 Security.
  • The Process of Mentoring Junior Analysts: Presenter: Jake Williams, Founder, Rendition Infosec.
  • Enumerating and Attacking with IPv6: IPv6 is nearly 25 years old and it’s about time we put more focus on it. This session shares how to use open-source tools to provide a better understanding of the IPv6 Protocol, and demonstrate how to perform network enumeration and attacks over IPv6. Presenter: Tyrone Wilson, Information Security Expert.
  • The Pentester Blueprint: A Guide to Becoming a Pentester: Pentesting or ethical hacking as it is more commonly known has become a much sought-after job by people in IT, infosec, or those just trying to get into the industry. This presentation shares a blueprint for becoming a pentester, and the knowledge and skills needed to become a pentester as well as the steps to achieve them. Presenter: Phillip Wylie, Senior Red Team Leader for a global consumer products company, Adjunct Instructor at Richland College, and The Pwn School Project founder.

Evan Dornbush, Point3 Co-Founder and CEO, said, “Bad actors continually innovate – both in malware and techniques. Cybersecurity professionals cannot afford to let their knowledge and skills stagnate, and in fact now have historic opportunities for advancement. Hack at the Harbor provides cybersecurity professionals with the insight and strategies to protect their organizations against emerging threats and those not yet on the horizon, while supporting their growth and advancement goals.”

Chloé Messdaghi, Vice President of Strategy at Point3 Security, said, “The cybersecurity industry driven by talented professionals: ‘everyday heroes’ deeply committed to continuous upskilling and strength through knowledge and diversity. The Hack at the Harbor celebrates our incredible, empowered infosec community by having talks that inspire us and share the latest threats during this surreal and unprecedented time.”

To register for free for this year’s virtual Hack at the Harbor security conference, please visit: https://hackattheharbor.com/events

About Hack at the Harbor

Hack at the Harbor (H@TH) is a newly developed virtual conference created by the founders of Point3 Security. They aim to bring the infosec community together through research, lifelong learning, and developing the next generation of information security professionals by building the future of infosec through new perspectives, current leadership, and fellowship.

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Founded in 2014, Point3 Security, Inc. is a premier information security organization that provides the industry with the training and analytical tools to enhance its workforce. Recognizing the industry’s increasingly complex threats, Point3 Security, Inc. provides game-based challenges that identify and cultivate cybersecurity talent for professional organizations. Point3 Security was recently named one of Inc. 500’s top fastest growing companies. For more information please visit ittakesahuman.com.


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