Fintech, Switch, Inc. Announces Rebrand to “Strivve” as the Company Gains Industry Traction for Its Real-time Push Payment Card Solutions

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#fintech--Seattle-based financial technology company Switch, Inc. announced today that it has changed its corporate name to Strivve,Inc. The name change reflects the company’s mission to enhance cardholder experiences by empowering card updating for both e-commerce and bill payment sites. The announcement comes at a time when the company is experiencing industry partner integrations and significant usage of their CardUpdatr App, launched earlier this year.

The company also announced its successful acquisition of the Registered Trademark for “Top of Wallet®,” which aligns with the new Strivve name and commitment to excellence.

“Our solutions are more than a way for cardholders to switch out their payment cards online; we enable financial institutions to more effectively ‘Strivve’ for Top of Wallet,” said CEO and Co-founder, Chris Hopen. “The new name speaks more comprehensively to the exclusive benefits we offer and a way to radically improve cardholder experiences through the card provisioning automation technology.”

Strivve will continue to offer its flexible, cloud-based flagship API, CardSavr®, as well as the CardUpdatr web and mobile application.

CardSavr is a card-on-file API built for issuers to help cardholders seamlessly update their new or re-issued cards anywhere they pay online. The platform uniquely combines a scalable machine learning engine and patented artificial intelligence algorithms, enabling real-time card-on-file push-provisioning that directly impacts card account income for issuers of all kinds.

Cardholders access the CardSavr platform experience by using any of their issuer’s digital web and mobile card experiences and applications. Within the platform, virtual browser technology performs card updates on merchant and biller sites by signing on and storing the card and billing address on the cardholder’s behalf. The entire card updating process is instantly carried out within the CardSavr platform service.

Earlier this year, the company launched CardUpdatr, a progressive mobile and web-enabled application developed and hosted by Strivve, which leverages the CardSavr platform. The announcement also included an ongoing partnership with CUNA Strategic Services, the premier credit union association, to provide the CardUpdatr App to credit unions across the U.S. through a market feasibility pilot.

The app is designed to be a functional tool offered to cardholders using an issuer-branded vanity URL to provide a seamless updating experience when otherwise attrition would occur. With the CardUpdatr App, no development resources are needed, enabling issuers to enhance card promotions, card re-issuance, or new card activation for cardholders within days.

To learn more about these solutions, visit the company’s new website

About Strivve

Headquartered in Seattle, Strivve creates cardholder experiences that drive cards to Top of Wallet®. The company’s payment card solutions increase transaction volume for issuers. Strivve provides flexible, cloud-based solutions that leverage proprietary and patented artificial intelligence algorithms. You can learn more about Strivve at or follow the company on the Strivve Blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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