DaVinci Introduces IQ2 Premium Vaporizer with Original Load Your Own & Know Your Dose Technology

New Universal Dual-Use Vaporizer Empowers Consumers With On-Device Dosage Control for Dry Herb and Cannabis Concentrates

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--DaVinci, leading innovator and manufacturer of premium vaporizer devices, today announced the launch of the IQ2, a portable dual-use vaporizer with unprecedented dosage control technology that elevates cannabis consumption with a customized experience.

As the first Load Your Own & Know Your Dose vaporizer, the IQ2 features full on-device dosage control and session-tracking information without requiring a separate app. The IQ2 is a universal dual-use device, empowering consumers to load their own flower or extracts, regardless of brand, and track their cannabinoid consumption per draw and per session.

The device also introduces the Air Dial™ feature, with an adjustable airflow dial that enables consumers to customize their draw and temperature, and enjoy vapor that is 50% cooler than other vaporizers.

“With these tech advancements, DaVinci is giving consumers a whole new level of control over their experience, and we’re raising the bar for the industry when it comes to responsible consumption,” said Cortney Smith, CEO and founder of DaVinci. “We invented the dosage control and personalization features to provide much easier access to the information consumers deserve, straight from the device.”

Like the other DaVinci vaporizers that precede it, the IQ2 is engineered with medical-grade hardware. No metal or plastic parts touch the flower or concentrate, with a glass-lined ceramic bowl and all-ceramic vapor path that ensure a clean consumption experience.

“DaVinci has built a legacy on designing responsibly and meticulously, and we pursue nothing less than perfection in every device we bring to the public,” Mr. Smith said. “With the launch of the IQ2, we are proud to continue changing the conversation around cannabis by putting exceptionally constructed devices at the forefront of consumer technology.”

The IQ2 is now available online in four colors: Onyx, Graphite, Cobalt and Amethyst. For more information about DaVinci, click here.

About DaVinci

DaVinci is the leading manufacturer of premium vaporizer devices. Inspired by the vision and tenacity of Renaissance innovator Leonardo da Vinci, Cortney Smith founded DaVinci in 2011 with the desire to change the world’s imagination of what is possible in plant-based wellness. Since DaVinci’s founding, the team has established a legacy in creating trusted products such as the DaVinci™ Classic, the DAVINCI IQ and the IQ2. Its developers draw from a rich history in manufacturing and hardware component design to build responsibly and bring clean consumption to the forefront.


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