Contentsquare Acquires AMW to Accelerate Accessibility to Digital Content Worldwide

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Contentsquare, the leading digital experience analytics platform trusted by brands like BMW, Sephora and Walmart, announced today it has acquired accessibility software company Adapt My Web. The move is part of an expanded initiative to ensure Contentsquare's goal of empowering brands to create better experiences is relevant not just for some, but for all. Adapt My Web’s technology and expertise help make the world’s digital content accessible to those with reading issues including visual impairment and dyslexia.

“Our mission is to empower brands to create better experiences for all, and this investment highlights our commitment to accessibility as the world becomes increasingly digital,” said Jonathan Cherki, Founder and CEO at Contentsquare. “Today, 1 billion people in the world live with some type of disability, including vision, auditive or cognitive impairment1, yet 70% of websites are not accessible to them. With our reach and R&D resources focused on optimizing digital experiences, we will play a major role in ensuring equal access to digital content worldwide.”

Founded in 2018 in France, Adapt My Web (Adapte Mon Web) is an assistive technology, designed in collaboration with health professionals and researchers, and endorsed by the French Education Ministry. By integrating directly with websites, the Adapt My Web module allows visitors to easily adjust text size, change contrast and highlights, and add text-to-speech functions to their sites – without the need to recode from scratch. The company also offers audits and scoring services to help businesses make sure their digital content is fully accessible. In parallel, AMW has developed and distributed assistive tools for reading to benefit more than 15,000 students, as well as thousands of teachers and healthcare professionals.

“We are announcing the creation of the Contentsquare Foundation to accelerate the availability of accessibility technology across the industry, including for universities, schools, and healthcare organizations,” said Cherki. “We will work closely with companies, partners and institutions to ensure the digital content we increasingly depend on to learn, connect and conduct our daily lives leaves no one behind. ”

At launch, Contentsquare’s new digital accessibility initiative focuses on:

  • Integrating the Adapt My Web technology and expertise into the Contentsquare family to support all customers in understanding and meeting accessibility guidelines worldwide
  • The creation of a Foundation dedicated to expanding the availability of accessibility technology across the industry including for universities, schools, and healthcare organizations

Commenting on the acquisition, Marion Ranvier, CEO at Adapt My Web said, “The goal of Adapt My Web has always been to get people talking about web accessibility and to help change the internet for the better for all people, regardless of their ability. With the full power of Contentsquare behind us, we are now able to take this mission to the next level, putting web accessibility at the top of the agenda for many of the world’s biggest brands.”

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About Adapt My Web/Adapte Mon Web
Adapt My Web
was founded in 2018 to make digital content accessible to all, especially to those living with visual, auditive or cognitive impairment. The AMW solution allows visitors to create a custom reading profile, which visually adapts participating websites to meet their needs so they can fully benefit from digital experiences. The company also offers audits and scoring services to help businesses make sure their digital content is fully accessible. In parallel, the company has developed assistive tools for reading to benefit students, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

1O world report on disability, 2019


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