Venture Funding

Chefling Sprouts With $1 Million Seed Investment

SUNNYVALE — Chefling, Inc., which built an app for managing kitchens, has secured $1 million in funding from XVVC, LLC to support the next stage of the company’s growth. Chefling will use the pre-series A funding to drive product development, expand its workforce, curate tailored recipes with a newly on boarded culinary-trained expert, and expand visibility through marketing efforts.

“Chefling’s unique and comprehensive personal kitchen assistant presents an exciting opportunity to gain widespread market adoption,” said Brian Deutsch, founder, XVVC, LLC. “Its popularity among users to-date far validates the need for this simple, all-in-one solution in the growing voice assistant space.”

The funding comes on the heels of the app’s fast-growing user-base, receiving more than 100,000 downloads within the span of a year. The Chefling app delivers cost-savings, convenience, and a personalized assistant, as well as seamless integration with voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

“XVVC recognizes Chefling’s growth potential as the adoption of IoT and smart appliances continues to increase,” said Amar Krishna, co-founder and CEO, Chefling, Inc. “XVVC’s support validates the market opportunity we envision, and this funding allows us to drive innovation and future developments.”

Chefling currently holds a temporary patent for its Consumable Goods Inventory Management System – a system and method that manages the inventory of pantries and refrigerators via a mobile application – and has filed for complete patent approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.