Why the Company You Hired for Your Virtual Event May Be the Wrong One, Says CG Creative Studios

LA JOLLA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#eventproduction--CG Creative Studios, an award-winning creative communications agency serving the Global 1000, says marketing managers miss the mark by focusing only on a virtual event’s engineering platform to the exclusion of the show itself, which needs to “make the virtual personal.”

“We don’t yet know the pandemic’s lasting effects on business, but one thing is clear. Leaders need to effectively engage their sales teams, employees, customers, partners and investors – even if they are sitting at home or other remote locations. That takes more than just a technology platform,” said Claudio Gutierrez, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of CG Creative Studios.

“You need to close the distance with a virtual audience with events designed to be interactive, tangible and immersive, built on brand strategy, great content and ‘show-stopping’ creative – in short, a digital stage that has authenticity, simplicity, heart and humor,” Gutierrez said.

With big live events canceled, the question business, marketing and event leaders need to ask is how to keep people engaged and taking in content, while sitting in front of a small screen.

“We help businesses create events that aren’t just a series of ‘talking heads,’ but an exciting program created with a cadence to engage with content, speaker coaching for virtual, video, interactive strategies, motion graphics and presentation design, all with end-to-end support. The firm has long-time experience with broadcast engineering and livestream technologies to bring this strategy to life in virtual settings for audiences.

“Bottom line - we deliver broadcast programming and creative services at a quality comparable to major entertainment streaming services,” Gutierrez said.

About CG Creative Studios

CG Creative Studios is an award-winning creative communications agency that produces live and virtual events, along with a full range of creative deliverables to reach audiences in deeper, more meaningful engagement. Clients include Microsoft, LinkedIn, Shell Energy, Sony, Amazon, Cisco/AppDynamics, Hewlett-Packard, Hubspot, Micro Focus, Rubrik and Hedera Hashgraph.

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