Trump Wants to Build Wall on Mexican Border


President Donald Trump signed an Executive Order today that calls for the construction of a wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. The wall was a signature promise of his campaign to keep illegal immigrants from entering the country.

Trump says the wall is needed to protect the security of Americans and prevent criminals and drug dealers from illegally entering U.S. soil.

The big question is where the money will come from to pay for the wall. Estimates are the wall could cost at least $25 billion to build. President Trump says that Mexico will eventually pay for the wall but it remains to be seen how this will actually happen.

Trump also signed a second Executive Order today to enhance public safety inside the U.S. by apprehending and removing illegal immigrants already in the country.

The order states “Sanctuary jurisdictions across the United States willfully violate Federal law in an attempt to shield aliens from removal from the United States.  These jurisdictions have caused immeasurable harm to the American people and to the very fabric of our Republic.”

The Secretary of Homeland Security is given authority to remove illegal immigrants in the United States that should have been deported or are convicted of a criminal offense.

The President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto is supposed to visit the U.S. and meet with President Trump next week which should be a very interesting meeting.

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