Torchiana Celebrates 40 Years of Career Coaching and Outplacement Services

40th anniversary comes at a time when unemployment is high due to COVID-19; Torchiana provides insight on how to land a new job during a pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Torchiana, an executive coaching & outplacement consulting firm, announces its 40th anniversary of providing services to San Francisco Bay Area organizations and their employees. Torchiana provides coaching that helps individuals discover and achieve their full potential, and ride the waves of change at work.

In fact, while COVID-driven unemployment rates have grown throughout the Bay Area, Torchiana’s job-seeking participants have demonstrated continued success this quarter, with 60 percent landing new jobs within 60 days or less.

“The secret to success is to use a multiprong approach that leverages online technologies, such as video conferencing platforms, for informational interviews, and using LinkedIn for networking and follow-up—this is critical to landing opportunities especially in the hidden job market,” said Shannon Ratay, senior career coach, Torchiana.

To help job hunters in their search, Torchiana has launched a new set of online offerings: one-on-one video coaching, micro-learning sessions and virtual speed networking. These services have provided structure, hope and networking for many who have been affected by pandemic-driven job loss.

“The job search process has been evolving for years as more high-tech tools saturate the market. These tools have created more visibility and avenues to access job opportunities and networks. Now in-person connections have transitioned to online because of the social distancing challenges being experienced around the world. This actually benefits job seekers because they can network with a greater number of people online,” said Kristie Winchester, director of client services, Torchiana.

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Torchiana, a Career Partners International Firm, provides executive coaching & outplacement services including career transition & career management. Torchiana coaches inspire engagement through team building assessments, growth through leadership development, and change through outplacement services. Torchiana helps individuals discover and achieve their full potential, bringing their best to their teams, their organizations, and the world. Based in San Francisco, Torchiana serves clients throughout the entire Silicon Valley. For more information, visit:


Kristie Winchester
Director, Client Services