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TL Biolabs Lands $4 Million Seed Funding


SANTA CLARA — TL Biolabs, a start-up on a mission to improve agriculture through technology, announced the company has closed $4 million in venture capital financing. The Seed round was led by Andreessen Horowitz and included financing from Refactor Capital, Josh Buckley, and Y Combinator. TL Biolabs will use the funds to continue expanding its team of engineers, scientists, and developers, and finish R&D work required for the commercial launch this summer of its $15 genomic test for dairy and beef cattle.

TL Biolabs’ $15 genomic test provides farmers information on the health, productivity, and fertility of their cows from early in the animal’s life so farmers can make management and breeding decisions earlier and more efficiently. The results are provided in software that helps farmers improve production by selecting which calves to keep or sell, and which bulls to breed to which cows.

Dr. Vijay Pande, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz commented: “Current genomic tests are too expensive for the cost-driven dairy business. A high-quality $15 test makes it possible for farmers to test every animal. Fred, Sam and Savvas’ drive and ability to pull together an extraordinary team is incredibly impressive.

“One of the great things about making livestock breeding and management more efficient for farmers is that the more costs are reduced, the more environmental impact is reduced too,” said Fred Turner, Chief Executive Officer at TL Biolabs. “By making the average gain in profit per test greater than the test price, we will empower farmers to make informed breeding and management decisions and positively impact their bottom line.”

The company was founded in 2016.

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