Share Your Genius Leads Podcast Industry Ahead of Two-Year Anniversary

Dedicated B2B podcast agency empowers brands, brings media and marketing to next level with StorySelling

INDIANAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#b2b--Share Your Genius, the Indianapolis-based B2B podcast agency helping brands across the nation develop meaningful connections, create stories worth selling and build communities, shows no signs of slowing down ahead of its two-year anniversary in October.

As the average number of monthly podcast listeners is on track to reach 112 million by 2021, podcasts will continue to emerge as a critical marketing avenue for B2B brands. With more than 28,000 minutes of audio produced and over 300,000 downloads generated, Share Your Genius empowers clients, such as Conga and Emarsys, to stand out from the competition through audio storytelling.

“In a world of information overload, people want more control over the content they’re consuming, and podcasts are an opportunity for businesses to build direct connections with their target audience as well as brand credibility,” said the host of SalesTuners and Share Your Genius co-founder, Jim Brown. “Three years ago, SalesTuners was the pilot program exposing a market need for high-quality, well-executed, impactful podcasts. At the forefront of the B2B podcast industry, Share Your Genius continues to push the envelope for delivering unparalleled brand storytelling powered by technology, creative, and strategic execution.”

Within the last year, 17% of marketers planned to adopt podcasting into their marketing efforts. As one of the only B2B podcast agencies, Share Your Genius furthers its mission to help marketers take a bold stride away from traditional marketing in pursuit of content that informs, educates and entertains.

“Our goal is to use podcasting as an engine to create content for other marketing initiatives based on business objectives and develop creative content that delights audiences and fosters community,” said Share Your Genius president and co-founder, Rachel Downey. “This is the only content that audiences can consume without staring at a screen. With podcasts, people are experiencing your brand in the moments they’re experiencing life. It creates a bond that your traditional marketing content can’t.”

Driven by the combination of her passion for living a life of purpose, storytelling, and creating a culture in which women can work and have a family, Downey teamed up with Share Your Genius co-founder Jim Brown to launch the first episode in 2017. Since then, Share Your Genius has led the podcast movement, helping B2B brands connect with their audience through stories.

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Share Your Genius is the B2B podcast agency helping B2B brands develop meaningful connections, create stories worth selling, & build communities through podcasting.


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