Scoop Reveals $20 Million Investment


Rob (CEO, co-founder) and Jon Sadow (Chief Product Officer, co-founder) of Scoop.
Rob Sadow (CEO, co-founder) and Jon Sadow (Chief Product Officer, co-founder) of Scoop.

SAN FRANCISCO — Mobile carpooling service Scoop Technologies has recently closed a $20 million Series B round led by Brook Porter at G2VP and a previously unannounced $11 million Series A led by Danny Rimer at Index Ventures, bringing the total financing to date at $36 million.

Brook Porter and Danny Rimer have joined the Scoop Board of Directors. Dan Shapero, VP of LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions, Careers, and Learning businesses, also has joined the Board of Directors as an Independent.

“Our vision is to enrich millions of people’s lives by helping them choose to make their commute a meaningful part of their day. From new employees who can make valuable co-worker connections to HR leaders who can now reduce stress due to the commute, we’re excited about the benefits carpooling can have on employees and the companies they work for,” said Rob Sadow, CEO and Co-Founder of Scoop. “This new round of funding will enable Scoop to bring convenient carpooling to commuters across the nation.”

Since launching in 2015, Scoop has helped thousands choose carpooling as their daily form of commuting. To date, carpoolers have taken close to 2 million individual Scoop trips. Scoop is currently available to commuters who work in the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle, and will be expanding into new cities around the country.

“When we started Scoop, we had to begin by solving the biggest hurdle to carpooling, which is coordination,” said Jon Sadow, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Scoop. “To make carpooling work for commuters at scale, it has to fit their scheduling needs. But beyond that, we wanted to build something that would have meaning – something that would directly impact people’s lives on a daily basis. Studies we’ve seen rank the commute as the lowest satisfaction activity of the day. We’re dedicated to changing that by putting people into carpools they love.”

The Scoop product is designed around people’s commute schedules, with a feature set that makes carpooling a smooth experience: reliable door-to-door pick up, efficient routing, and payment inside the app. Says Jon, “In contrast to traditional carpooling, Scoop doesn’t just find you a permanent carpool. The carpools made by Scoop are flexible and reflect the changing schedules of commuters. We put the commuter first when we designed the scheduling and matching  experience.”

Integral to Scoop’s business model are its employer relationships. Scoop partners with major employers, office parks, and local governments to offer employees a convenient commuting solution. Partners include LinkedIn, T-Mobile, Symantec, Workday, Applied Materials, and many more. Scoop also partners with public organizations and transit agencies across the country. In a study done of hundreds of Scoop commuters, the statistics show Scoop’s huge impact on work, life, and more.

  • Recruitment: 71% of respondents agree Scoop support by a future employer would influence their decision to work there.
  • Stress: 79% say Scoop has reduced stress related to their commute.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: 92% say Scoop has given them a chance to meet and network with new people at their company.
  • Productivity: 53% say Scoop has helped them be more productive at work.

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