RTX Extends Family of Sheerlink Product Solutions

Superior audio quality, low-latency, and freedom from wires for wireless instruments, microphones, speakers and headphones.

NOERRESUNDBY, Denmark--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RTX A/S, (NASDAQ Copenhagen: RTX A/S), a leader in the design of robust wireless audio solutions, today announced the next step in the Sheerlink TM family of wireless audio solutions, which will be demonstrated at NAMM in Anaheim, California (January 16-19, 2020).

Whether you are a musician, stage performer or front of the house engineer, superior audio quality is a must. Products developed using the Sheerlink platform from RTX ensure this level of quality while also providing the freedom of wireless.

Sheerlink is targeted to the global market of semi-professional and professional audio device manufacturers that demand high audio quality and radio resilience in their product offerings. Built around the SheersoundTM audio codec from RTX, Sheerlink product solutions push the limit of technology and provide superior audio quality for wireless systems, including support for either mono or stereo in high-definition audio. RTX has further extended the Sheerlink platform with support for dual microphones and multicast functionality – one transmitter with multiple receivers. In addition, radio resilience has been improved even further to provide unprecedented adaptability in environments with dense radio interference, ensuring a “no drop out” audio experience.

“The products based on Sheerlink platform components that are in the market have received positive feedback all around. We invite everyone with a great wireless (pro audio) product idea to take advantage of our latest functionality, as we offer one of the best wireless cable replacements on the market today. We link quality with maximizing freedom of movement, said Jens Christian Lindof, President of Design Services at RTX.

Designed for perfect interoperability within the music performance environment, Sheerlink is highly configurable to meet all product requirements whether the focus is on robust connections, low latency, high audio quality, or intuitive usability. This means the solution is deployable everywhere an audio cable is used today for products such as instruments, microphones or headphones.

Sheerlink product solutions are offered in the 1.9 GHz and 2.4GHz frequency bands using the RTX1090 or RTX1290 modules. Both modules provide superior radio resilience. Additionally, the two modules are footprint-compatible allowing reuse of hardware designs and even applications on multiple radio architectures.

Sheerlink product solutions also include recommended designs for analog and digital circuitry as well as antenna placement. Additional support packages give customers the freedom and flexibility to get products to market within a very short time frame.

Along with the standard Sheerlink solutions, RTX also offers the capability and resources to deliver a complete ODM solution, including mechanical support, antenna matching and customization, product type approval, production test and software customization - perfect for getting to market fast.

About RTX

RTX A/S is a leading provider of wireless solutions - a growing business driven by digitalization and the demand for mobility and secure transmission. RTX has successfully finalized more than 1,000 wireless projects, ODM or OEM solutions in collaboration with global technology brands - from initial design, development, testing, and production.

RTX operates through 4 business areas: ProAudio, Enterprise, Headsets and Healthcare with a broad exposure to global brands in many different industries. RTX was founded in 1993 and the company is headquartered in Denmark with satellite locations in Hong Kong and the US.

Further information is available at www.rtx.dk and www.sheerlink.audio, or contact us at sales@rtx.dk.


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