How SMP Robotics Could Assist in the Fight to Stop Current COVID-19 and Future Pandemics

SAUSALITO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#covid19--SMP Robotics:

How fast is the coronavirus spreading?

Cases worldwide are increasing every hour with the latest figures near half a million. Deaths are climbing rapidly and the figure has reached over 20,000 around the globe. The daily number of infections worldwide is higher than in China with more deaths in Iran, Italy, Spain and now the US. Thousands of new cases have been reported each day, but the true scale could be 10 times higher. Virus outbreaks are raising panic about a pandemic. It will take time to detect and diagnose in order to isolate potentially sick from healthy.

Could the latest robotic technology be the answer?

Robotics is one of the fastest evolving engineering and computer science technologies. One of the leading global developers of autonomous robot technologies - SMP Robotics, headquartered in Sausalito, California - has presented its latest models of patrol robots.

Now, robots can unobtrusively scan faces, analyze human behavior and measure body temperature from a distance of 90 feet. They are equipped with intelligent 360-degree video surveillance cameras and built-in predictable analytic systems. This could be an ideal solution in assisting governments and healthcare officials to stop the spread of current and future virus pandemics. The implementation of these robots would help to monitor crowded and public areas as well as to patrol the premises of industrial or commercial facilities.

Zero destruction performing tedious patrolling tasks

SMP Robotics robots are far more efficient and less intrusive than humans doing the same procedures. Powered by Swarm Intelligence, AI for human face and behavior recognition technology and Video Management System robots can provide fully autonomous 24/7 surveillance and video recording, without breaks, sick days or vacations, in a wide variety of terrains and under any weather conditions. Meantime, the technical staff can work remotely from anywhere in the world performing duties efficiently and safely.

Unlike other robots that are designed to move across the smooth floors in shopping malls, the robots manufactured by SMP Robotics are designed to patrol expansive, open areas of land, as well as industrial facilities.

SMP Robotics robots will eliminate the hassles for the management involved with working with controlling the spread of the coronavirus. Whether it’s in factories, at the country’s border walls and gates, this detection solution will be quicker and more effective than humans.


Leo Ryzhenko