Facebook to Let You See What Apps Are Using Your Data

Facebook is introducing a new way to view and control your off-Facebook activity. Off-Facebook Activity lets you see a summary of the apps and websites that send the company information about your activity, and clear this information from your account if you want to.

Businesses and apps use Facebook data to reach certain audiences for online ads.

With Off-Facebook Activity, you can see and control the data that other apps and websites share with Facebook. You can:

  • See a summary of the information other apps and websites have sent Facebook through our online business tools, like Facebook Pixel or Facebook Login;
  • Disconnect this information from your account if you want to; and
  • Choose to disconnect future off-Facebook activity from your account. You can do this for all of your off-Facebook activity, or just for specific apps and websites.

So far, Off-Facebook Activity is only available to people in Ireland, South Korea and Spain. Facebook says it will to roll out the feature worldwide in the coming months to help ensure it’s working reliably for everyone.

If you clear your off-Facebook activity, the company will remove your identifying information from the data that apps and websites choose to send it. Facebook says it won’t know which websites you visited or what you did there, and it won’t use any of the data you disconnect to target ads to you on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger.