Cuvée Systems, Inc.® Breaks Through with IP68 Compact LED Driver and Unique System Level COB + Driver Warranty

Luminus Backs Warranty for Combined COB and Driver Customers

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cuvée Systems announced its second compact driver family, the DR8 Series of IP68 rated LED drivers. Available immediately, the DR8 Series waterproof LED Drivers are designed for permanent submersion in water as deep as thirteen feet. At just 80 or 86mm in length, the DR8 Series delivers illumination grade functionality for the pool, spa, fountain, and landscaping industries by incorporating smooth, deep dimming, down to 1% and flicker suppression performance suitable for outdoor applications. DR8 Series drivers are rated at 15W, 23W, 30W, and 42W and come in two compact sizes, 80 x 33 x 25mm and 86 x 33 x 28mm with pre-installed waterproof primary and secondary wires.

In conjunction with the release of the DR8 Series, Cuvée and Luminus, a leading COB manufacturer and supplier, are announcing a unique combined 5-Year Warranty that covers both the COB and LED Driver when used together. OEM luminaires that use an approved COB/driver combination are covered against defect and failure of either part when paired together.

“Customers need to be confident that their systems are robust and will last for years in the field,” said Ray Chock, CEO of Cuvée Systems. “We have engineered our new DR8 Series to meet the stringent requirements of IP68 and to provide high performance and reliability in a compact package.”

“We’re so impressed with the quality and compact size of the Cuvée drivers that we’re willing to back the warranty when they’re used with our latest Gen 4 COBs or our dim-to-warm COBs,” said Tom Jory, VP of Illumination at Luminus. “Our customers are delighted that they can confidently pair together our COBs with Cuvée drivers, especially in wet project environments where lights need to work reliably without service for many years.”

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) defined the standard in 1998. Known as IP Codes or Ingress Protection Codes, the ratings classify the degree of protection against the intrusion of dust and water. IP68 is the highest possible rating in the current standard.

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