Bosch to Relocate Office to Sunnyvale


SUNNYVALE — Robert Bosch LLC, a global supplier of technology and services based in Germany, will relocate its Palo Alto-based Research and Technology Center to a new 104,000-square-foot, single-tenant office at 384 Santa Trinita Ave. in Sunnyvale by the end of 2017. The move consolidates workers from three suites in Palo Alto into one workspace, aimed at inspiring collaboration and innovation.

The Sunnyvale office, representing a $40 million commitment over a 10-year lease, will relocate roughly 300 Bosch associates and interns currently working in Palo Alto by December 2017. The new location will house team members from Bosch Corporate Research, Robert Bosch Venture Capital and other divisions.

“The move to Sunnyvale is reflective of Bosch’s ongoing commitment to innovation and continuous improvement,” said Mike Mansuetti, president, Robert Bosch LLC. “Not only is the new location larger and better suited for collaboration, it will also better position our associates to interact with the large, vibrant ecosystem of universities, research institutes, technology companies and startups that are key to our success in Silicon Valley.”

The new space is a four-floor, single-tenant building, and consists of research labs, workshops, garage space, meeting rooms and administrative workspace. The space will be designed using Bosch’s philosophy of Inspiring Working Conditions, which incorporates technology and workspaces that foster innovation, collaboration, creativity, productivity, work/life balance and associate satisfaction. As part of the IWC philosophy, the facility also will include wellness rooms, outdoor seating, gathering spaces, game rooms, music rooms, collaborative areas and other creative spaces.

“Associate input was a key consideration for the relocation,” Mansuetti said. “Bosch factored in commuting patterns, access to public transit and local amenities to find the best location for our team to thrive.”

Long-time commitment to Silicon Valley

Bosch established its presence in Silicon Valley nearly 20 years ago. The Bosch Research and Technology Center in Palo Alto was founded in 1999 with three associates. Today, some 100 highly qualified Corporate Research associates conduct advanced R&D in key growth areas for the company, including artificial intelligence, data mining, automated driving systems, robotics, advanced circuits and sensors as well as battery technology.

The Bosch Research and Technology Center benefits from its proximity to many high-tech companies and academia. Through its internal startup platform and its subsidiary Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC), Bosch keeps its finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley’s vibrant startup culture. In addition, associates from multiple Bosch divisions work at the Center on advanced R&D programs.

Bosch has more than 390,000 employees worldwide and 32,500 in North America with worldwide sales of over $80 billion in 2016.

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