Acoma Pueblo Becomes the First Native American Tribe to Use the AB Kiosk System for Alcohol Monitoring

The AB Kiosk system fully automates alcohol monitoring and other court-mandated services, including probation check-ins and pre-trial monitoring.

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Minneapolis-based Precision Kiosk Technologies today announced that Acoma Pueblo in central New Mexico has become the first Native American tribe in the U.S. to coordinate and conduct court-mandated alcohol monitoring using the autonomous AB Kiosk® system. The Acoma Tribal Court has installed the Kiosk in the Pueblo of Acoma Law Enforcement Center where it screens up to 25 clients each day for the use of alcohol.

Tribal judges often require clients of the court to refrain from using alcohol as a condition of their pre-trial release, probation, extended supervision, or diversion program. To carry out this directive, clients are required to submit to random alcohol screening, a process that is both costly and time consuming for law enforcement staff to administer using handheld breathalyzers. The AB Kiosk system automates the entire process, frees up staff for higher-value work, reduces administrative costs, and immediately identifies those who violate the conditions of their release. In this age of COVID-19, use of the Kiosk also reduces transmission of the virus by eliminating face-to-face interactions between clients and staff.

“The AB Kiosk system automates our entire alcohol monitoring system and greatly reduces the time and expense of administering this program,” says Gwen Aragon, probation officer for the Acoma Tribal Court. “The accessibility of the system also makes it easier for clients to meet the conditions of their release or sentencing with less disruption to their education, work, and family life. The AB Kiosk system has achieved a nationwide 99.5% client compliance rate and we believe that we will also increase the safety of our community by using this new technology.”

The AB Kiosk system leverages two highly integrated and secure components – an interactive stand-alone kiosk and an easy-to-use client-management software program. The interactive Kiosk uses biometric fingerprint authentication to verify the identity of the individual, captures still images and video as it administers each breathalyzer screening and automatically uploads the client data. The Kiosk can test up to 30 individuals per hour without any direct supervision by jurisdiction staff. The client-management software program simplifies new-client onboarding, and enables regular and random test scheduling. Supervisors can access the client-management program from any computer, smartphone or tablet, and use it to quickly generate test reports on any segment of their client population.

More than 25 jurisdictions across the U.S. now use the AB Kiosk system for alcohol monitoring, pre-trial services, and probation check-ins.

About Precision Kiosk Technologies

Minneapolis-based Precision Kiosk Technologies (PKT) leads the electronic monitoring industry in providing high-volume autonomous breathalyzer testing to law enforcement jurisdictions. The company’s stand-alone Automated Breathalyzer Kiosk (AB Kiosk) simplifies and reduces the administrative burden of alcohol screening and other court-mandated offender programs, including probation check-ins, work-release monitoring, and pre- and post-trial services. To learn more about the AB Kiosk system and view a video of the alcohol monitoring process, please visit


Company Contact:
Patrick McKinney
General Manager
Precision Kiosk Technologies

Jurisdiction Contact:
Gwen Aragon
Probation Officer
Acoma Tribal Court