MeMD Launches Only Turnkey COVID-19 Workplace Solution That Addresses Both Testing and Compliance

National Telehealth Company Provides Businesses with Comprehensive Support to Reopen, Stay Open Safely

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#coronavirus--As businesses grapple with reopening procedures, national telehealth provider MeMD has launched the COVID-19 Workplace Solution, a standalone, turnkey solution that helps employers combat the pandemic head on.

“We’ve been committed to guiding businesses through this complicated environment since the pandemic started. As we have enhanced our return-to-work offerings, the need for a standalone, turnkey COVID-19 solution became abundantly clear,” said MeMD CEO Bill Goodwin. “It enables employers to manage their workforce through this ongoing crisis with a much higher confidence level that they are doing the right things for both the employees and the company. Employers have to protect their employees and the company at the same time, and our solution helps them do exactly that.”

The COVID-19 Workplace Solution is designed for businesses with frequent employee, customer or visitor traffic, such as those in the restaurant, hospitality, retail or manufacturing industries. It includes:

  • COVID-19 Testing: MeMD offers access to both PCR and antibody testing. PCR tests detect whether an individual is currently infected and can potentially spread the virus to others. MeMD’s testing process involves a convenient at-home saliva test kit. Additionally, MeMD has partnerships with two of the country’s leading diagnostic laboratories to order antibody tests, which detect whether someone has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus at least two weeks prior.
  • Medical Release and Excuse Notes: MeMD’s medical providers can provide employees with excuse-from-work notes when they need to be quarantined because they have COVID-19 symptoms, have traveled to certain regions, have possibly come into contact with a COVID-19 patient or are considered at high-risk of contracting the virus. Additionally, the medical providers can provide employees with release notes once CDC guidelines have been met for discontinuing home isolation, thereby helping employers better meet compliance standards.
  • Symptom Screening: Using a self-monitoring Symptom Screener, businesses can identify illness outbreaks early. At the first sign of illness, employees can meet with a medical provider virtually who can quickly screen them and offer testing solutions, as needed.
  • Virtual Care: Employees who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms get 24/7/365 access to telehealth services, including one-on-one support from MeMD’s care coordinators to guide them through next steps for diagnostic testing.

The COVID-19 Workplace Solution can typically be up-and-running within days. Businesses have flexibility with six or 12-month packages. Plus, the program can be bundled with other telehealth services, such as urgent care and mental health care, for a complete return-to-work virtual care package.

MeMD’s virtual care solutions are trusted by more than 30,000 corporate, institutional and health plan partners nationwide covering more than 4.5 million members. Telehealth services include urgent care, men’s and women’s health, teletherapy, teen therapy and telepsychiatry.

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