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TIPIT Raises $2.5 Million Seed Round


SAN FRANCISCO TIPIT, a cross-platform engine aimed at innovating in the space of augmented reality (AR), has raised $2.5 million in a seed round of investment.

With investor support from Atooro Fund, TIPIT provides developers, cameras, and brands with a software development kit (SDK) of computer vision and AR technologies that increases platform users’ retention, engagement and boosts revenues at an affordable price.

AR is becoming more popular and as the technology goes more mainstream, companies will look to create their own graphics. Developing graphics to interface with AR and image processing technologies is extremely difficult, but TIPIT’s technologies eliminate the difficulties for developers so they can design AR graphics without writing a single line of code. TIPIT not only offers their own graphics, but also software for customers to effortlessly design thousands of their own AR graphics and interface with the SDK.

Jonathan Rimon, CEO of TIPIT, said, “TIPIT is the only true cross-platform in the AR world, providing the means to seamlessly create and integrate new graphics with customers’ products. We have found a way to bring these innovative technologies to developers for a much lower price than other AR or image processing SDKs, opening up the world of AR to a wider audience for more creativity and utilization across social media.”

A unique outlier in the AR space, TIPIT’s technologies provide unique full-body AR effects not found on any other product, including an automatic “green screen” to separate different objects (like humans, cats, dogs, and cars) from the background, art filters with the ability to transfer style only to the image or background, face filters with tracking technology to apply the filter in real-time, and head stickers with the ability to extract a head from a background (including the hair and facial hair).

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