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PandaTree Raises $1.5 Million Seed Round


PALO ALTO – PandaTree Inc., a language learning company, has launched a proprietary interactive foreign language learning platform for kids. The new platform allows students to talk via live video with their PandaTree tutor, while interacting with PandaTree’s proprietary, standards-based language curriculum. The company also announces it has raised an additional $1.5 million in a seed equity round.

The new WebRTC-based platform supports a more interactive and fully integrated curriculum. During lessons students can be doing a virtual 3D tour of a Mayan ruin or the Great Wall of China with their tutor, working on a project, or playing a game. “The new platform boosts learning because students are engaged. We view these innovations as just the start of a much more immersive virtual foreign language learning experience,” says Rich Matsuura, PandaTree co-founder and product lead.

“We believe in the importance of foreign language learning for kids, and we’ve set out to make it fun, trusted and convenient for them,” says Kristina Klausen, founder and CEO of PandaTree. “When kids are talking to tutors they love, about topics they’re interested in, they don’t notice they’re ‘learning’. It’s the natural way to build fluency – setting kids up for lifelong benefits.”

The latest funding round was led by Michael Dearing of Harrison Metals with Randy Ching of UP2398. The company has reached a total of $2 million invested with the earlier funding coming from Precursor Ventures and Nanjing Sunflower.


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