Yonder Leverages Snowflake and Zepl to Give Brands a Foundation of Authentic Intelligence

The cloud-built data warehouse and data science platform support Yonder's quest to help Fortune 500 brands contextualize online conversations

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, and Zepl, the data science platform built for the cloud, today announced that joint customer Yonder uses their combined technology to shorten time-to-value for their entire machine learning pipeline, which helps customers access timely actionable insights about online activity related to their brands. With Snowflake and Zepl, Yonder has broken down internal barriers to data access and increased research cycle productivity by 4x, enabling the Yonder data science and engineering teams to quickly iterate and get new features into the product faster.

Yonder is a fast-growing authentic internet company on a mission to give the online world the same amount of cultural context as the offline world. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Yonder identifies the groups and narratives that drive online conversations, helping organizations determine which matter most and least and creating the confidence to act. Yonder has helped identify Russia’s campaign to influence the 2016 presidential election, uncovered inauthentic behavior on user-generated content sites like Rotten Tomatoes, and helped Fortune 500 brands contextualize and understand factions and narratives on public social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Gartner projects that “by 2022, most people in mature economies will consume more false information than true information.”1 Malicious bots don’t limit their social media influence to the presidential election. As the Boston Globe reported, “Russian trolls used Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to inflame U.S. political debate over energy policy and climate change.” Additionally, according to a Washington Post article on Amazon product reviews, “for some popular product categories, such as Bluetooth headphones and speakers, the vast majority of reviews appear to violate Amazon’s prohibition on paid reviews,” often fueled by similar invasive bot networks.

Snowflake’s cloud-built data warehouse provides organizations of all sizes the ability to be data driven by offering the power of big data platforms with the elasticity of the cloud, values that are critical to Yonder’s business. Yonder connects to Snowflake through Zepl’s data science platform, enabling easy sharing of notebooks, visual analytics and machine learning models while supporting Yonder’s ability to tell customers the story of their social data. The combined efficiency of Snowflake and Zepl empowers Yonder to create new features faster and provide customers with better contextualized and actionable insights.

“Rapid analysis is incredibly important to Yonder,” said Taylor McCaslin, Senior Product Manager at Yonder. “If 100,000 people are posting online about a certain brand, nobody can possibly read it all. With Snowflake’s ability to handle huge data volumes quickly for any number of concurrent users and Zepl’s ability to enable collaboration and real-time data science experiments, we’ve been able to focus on making sure our customers understand exactly what’s happening to their brands on the internet. We need to surface the most important pieces of online conversations as fast as possible to give brands the time to respond effectively. Snowflake and Zepl have accelerated our innovation cycle and have allowed our team to deliver more insightful and meaningful value to our business and our customers.”

Before Snowflake and Zepl, Yonder’s team of 9 data scientists dealt with long research cycles and clumsy Python and Jupyter notebooks. It took them hours to download data, get it into the proper format, and load it into the notebooks. The combination of Snowflake and Zepl has enabled New Knowledge to run real time analysis on over 3 billion records in minutes instead of hours. The result has been an environment that facilitates rapid iteration and experimentation, meaning Yonder is continuously shipping new data science powered features to their customers.

“We’ve built our entire data pipeline and ETL process on top of Snowflake,” said Chip Young, Lead Data Architect at Yonder. “It has democratized internal access to our data pipeline and allows any number of users to query production data more simply than was ever possible before. Zepl connects to the data stored in Snowflake in a very performant way and has allowed us to speed up our research cycle to the point that our data analysts can run experimental data science on top of our live, production ETL process.”


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1From “Smart Data Sharing — Five Insights to Get It Right” September 2019


Danica Stanczak
Snowflake PR Manager