Wilson Sonsini Law Firm Launches Digital Hub for Founders

PALO ALTO — The law firm Wilson Sonsini has launched a new digital hub for its Emerging Companies Practice, providing founders, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists unparalleled access to a wide range of free legal resources and insights.

As deal volume, valuations and amounts raised in venture fundings continue to break records, access to these key resources will bolster the firm’s efforts to accelerate entrepreneurship for everyone, everywhere.

The newly launched site centers around a comprehensive and easy-to-use Knowledge Bank, where Wilson Sonsini Emerging Companies Practice legal experts answer more than 200 of the most pressing and common questions asked by entrepreneurs, start-ups and VCs globally, on everything from formation and financing to IP protectiontaxgovernanceexits and more.

“Helping entrepreneurs thrive is at the heart of everything we do at Wilson Sonsini,” said Raj S. Judge, partner at Wilson Sonsini and co-lead of the Emerging Companies Practice. “Whether it’s leveraging proprietary technology for efficiency in our practice, providing free resources like those found in our Knowledge Bank, or widening access to the global network of banks and VCs we’ve built over the past six decades, Wilson Sonsini aims to arm early-stage start-ups with the very best counsel so that they succeed and win.”

The Emerging Companies Practice site is just the latest step in Wilson Sonsini’s continued mission to leverage technology to make its world-class legal resources accessible. In 2019, Wilson Sonsini introduced technology subsidiary SixFifty, which has developed automation tools to help in-house counsel address ever-changing areas of the law like privacy, return to work, diversity and inclusion, among other areas. More recently, Wilson Sonsini announced an agreement with Morgan Stanley to give the investment bank access to proprietary software the firm created that manages startup finances. As part of its digital transformation strategy, Wilson Sonsini will be rolling out additional technology tools to streamline the delivery of legal services in order to better serve its clients later this year.

“Wilson Sonsini is synonymous with Silicon Valley and innovation,” said Ursheet Parikh, partner at Mayfield. “From the early days of semiconductors, through personal computers and dot-coms to software-as-a-service, CRISPR, blockchain and beyond, Wilson Sonsini has been a part of the most important technology milestones on record, and continues to do so today in its own right by implementing technology into its practice.”

“Wilson Sonsini has always leveraged new technology not only to serve its clients, but the technology community more broadly,” said Greg Gottesman, managing director and co-founder of Pioneer Square Labs. “This new website is a great example of Wilson Sonsini continuing to look for innovative ways to help founders.”

Wilson Sonsini is the leading law firm representing startup companies in Silicon Valley and beyond, having helped the likes of Google, Netflix, and, more recently, Lyft and Roblox, go public. Over the past six decades, Wilson Sonsini has represented more than 100,000 of the world’s most innovative companies.