Whistle Adds Artificial Intelligence and Workflow Automation to Guest Messaging Platform for Improved Hotel and Lodging Customer Service and Increased Operational Efficiency

Artificial Intelligence Module Leverages Amazon Comprehend to Determine Guest Sentiment

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Whistlemessaging--Whistle, the leading guest messaging platform in the hospitality industry, announced today artificial intelligence (AI) and workflow automation modules for its Whistle guest text messaging platform. Adding AI capabilities to its platform can further improve hotel and lodging customer service and increase operational efficiency already afforded by the Whistle platform. The modules are already being piloted at a major hotel chain.

Recognizing that hotels and lodging environments generally receive a set of common guest requests or questions, Whistle developed a homegrown conversational AI and machine learning (ML) model. Whistle is one of the first companies to create AI data analyses algorithms and message classification programs for the hospitality industry.

With the AI module, the Whistle guest messaging platform can categorize guest messages and, in some instances, automatically prompt the appropriate response back to the guest. For questions that do not have a definitive answer, Whistle is able to route the message to the appropriate hospitality team member, and even provides a set of suggested responses that the team member can choose between to be sent back immediately.

Workflow Automation for Fast Response
With Whistle’s AI functionality, hotels can automate workflow of many repetitive hotel and lodging tasks. The platform is designed to recognize a guest request and auto-prompt service requests and work orders to internal departments for quick completion.

“Great customer service is a key differentiator to our customer base of quality hotel and lodging professionals,” said Christopher Hovanessian, Whistle cofounder and CEO. “Whistle’s AI and workflow modules streamline maintenance and housekeeping tasks. This remedies routine customer issues very quickly, freeing up hotel employees to focus on more complex customer service requests, thereby delivering exceptional customer service and building brand loyalty.”

The module currently has over 90 percent and rising prediction accuracy, allowing it to understand many common guest messages and intents. The AI module applies to all hospitality departments including concierge, engineering, housekeeping, front office, spa, food and beverage, security, and more.

Guest Sentiment Heads Off Service Problems
Leveraging Amazon Comprehend, a natural language processing (NLP) service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that uses ML to find insights and relationships in text, the Whistle AI module is able to recognize the sentiment or intent of a guest message. Using this information, Whistle can escalate a guest message to the appropriate hospitality team member for efficient service recovery when needed. This information also allows Whistle to provide operational analytics to managers, with robust information on how particular hotel departments are performing.

“The ability to virtually interact with customers can be a wonderful tool, but this creates a lot of data that can be difficult to make sense of,” said David Peller, Global Head, Travel and Hospitality, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Amazon Comprehend allows users to organize and understand that data to enable actionable tasks and powerful analytics. The Whistle platform is a great example of how this tool can be used for customer success.”

The AI module will be available as a part of select Whistle plans and services. For more information, visit https://www.trywhistle.com/blog/2019-12-02-conversational-messaging-in-hospitality-comes-to-life-with-artificial-intelligence/.

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