Vizru Democratizes Innovation by Launching ZEOS Cluster Edition for Raspberry pi

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#cloud--Vizru delivers the first of its kind Micro-Cloud development Stack within a Raspberry pi, for hybrid or 100% offline development, empowering marginalized students around the World.

What is the ZEOS pi edition?

ZEOS pi is an unprecedented feat of technology, squeezing the complete Vizru Cloud Development Stack within a single Raspberry pi device. Vizru ZEOS is a Zero-code Enterprise Operating System for building the next generation cloud-driven smart applications, that now comes in a micro-cloud version, still packing the punch of its colossal cousin.

Vizru ZEOS pi edition requires only 5 Volts and 60 watts of power, less than what it takes to power a single light bulb, bringing the cloud to your palm at the cost of a simple household item. If you want more roar in that engine, you can always scale ZEOS pi horizontally by placing it on a network cluster of 4 or 8 devices, enabling an enterprise-grade cloud at a truly minuscule cost.

Why did Vizru deliver ZEOS pi edition?

Technology is supposed to be the great equalizer. However, developing countries are grappling with shortage of power, unstable internet connections, and prohibitive costs, which have become enormous barriers surrounding the economic benefits of technology industry. Marginalized youths have been kept outside of that barrier.

Today, 3.8 billion people are offline and hardly have any means to go online. COVID-19’s impact is expected to exacerbate this crisis. Even among those who are considered connected, over 60% are merely mobile users who go online only for buying or texting. Knowledge, infrastructure, and tools required to innovate have become a pipedream for many young lives living in difficult environments. In the recent years, Cloud has indoctrinated an unwritten rule that unfettered access to knowledge requires 24/7 access to the internet. “Equating acquiring of knowledge to unfettered access to the internet is blatantly misguided and will only impede technology innovations within each country. This systemic conditioning has to stop. While internet provides a critical link to the outside World, it’s actually not a necessity for acquiring skills and or to innovate,” says Ramesh Mahalingam, CEO of Vizru.

ZEOS pi offers marginalized students a uniquely affordable opportunity to stay offline, and still contribute significantly to the digital economy by building creative applications for themselves, for the community, and for the global market. Vizru has launched ZEOS pi as part of its social initiative, TIME, working in partnership with many countries across Africa. Vizru intends to considerably expand this initiative and is already in final discussions with NGOs and governments across continents.

What does this mean to the World?

Availability of ZEOS pi means any aspiring student living in any corner of the world can build the next-generation cloud-driven smart applications, using the same energy to turn on a single light bulb and without going online. ZEOS pi edition has the distinctive capability to communicate with pi-nodes that can act as a network grid for sharing information. This feature is intended to break down the barriers for knowledge-sharing and offer every individual across the globe a level playing field to compete for their fair share of digital commerce. Only when the application is ready to go-live, entrepreneurs can choose to hook the system to the internet and sync-up the entire application stack with cloud marketplace in minutes. Vizru offers version-controlled continuous development as part of the stack. ZEOS pi reduces the development cost by 75% and infrastructure cost to 1/10th of a typical cloud infrastructure, allowing them to build a profitable business organically with strong local footprints.


Vizru ZEOS pi beta is planned to ship beginning October 2020. Pre-orders will be accepted beginning in September. ZEOS pi is delivered as part of Vizru’s social initiative, TIME, for empowering marginalized youths around the World. Vizru will prioritize the shipments for educational institutions, government-backed social initiatives, and accredited non-profit organizations. In addition, Vizru plans to work with local manufacturers for assembling the components. If you are a local manufacturer and looking to leverage 3D printing technology, please contact our TIME coordinator at


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