Uber Names New CEO


New Uber CEO with former CEO Travis Kalanick (left) and board member Ariana Huffington (right).
New Uber CEO with former CEO Travis Kalanick (left) and board member Ariana Huffington (right).  Twitter

Uber has hired Dara Khosrowshahi as its new CEO. He is leaving the CEO position at travel site Expedia to join the world’s leading ridesharing company.

Khosrowshahi reportedly beat out Meg Whitman of HP and former GE CEO Jeff Immelt for the top job.

Dara came to America at nine years old when his family escaped Iran on the eve of the Iranian Revolution. He grew up in Tarrytown, NY, trained as an engineer at Brown, and spent many years at IAC serving as Chief Financial Officer and in various operational and strategic roles.

In 2005, he became CEO of Expedia, which he built into one of the world’s leading travel and technology companies, now operating in more than 60 countries. Khosrowshahi will remain on the Board of Directors at Expedia.

The new CEO of Uber addressed employees today at company headquarters in San Francisco where he was joined by former CEO Travis Kalanick and Uber board member Ariana Huffington.

Khosrowshahi said in his address: “It’s great to actually meet the people who are here at Uber—every day bringing their passion to make this incredible dream come true and really grow this company that’s changing the world. For me, it will be awesome to meet you over the next year and two and three. My goal is to know as many of you as I can and to get more and more people involved in the dream of Uber.”

Three things employees should know about Dara

“First, I am going to be totally transparent with you. I am not going to B.S. you. The thing that I’ve found in life and in management is that the higher up you get in an organization, the less you really know about what’s going on. Because people start holding back, and they are afraid to tell you what’s going on. The only way that I’ve seen to combat that is to be absolutely honest with you and to be completely straight and authentic with you. Hopefully that will allow me to deserve the same right back from you. I’m not going to B.S. you and I will ask you not to B.S. me.

Second, I’m a fighter. I’ll fight with you. I don’t like war metaphors, it’s kind of a male metaphor, but we’re in a battle here and I think everybody knows it. Just know that I’m here, I made the decision, I am all in and I’m going to fight for you with everything in my body. I hope you’ll join me in that battle.

And last, I will know that I’ve succeeded here if everybody in this room and who is watching all over the world knows they can contribute to the success of Uber in their own way. Everyone’s different, everyone has their own skillsets—if you’re numerative or have a higher EQ, if you’re here in the US or in a global office, if you’re a dev, if you’re in marketing, if you’re in PR, or ops or regardless of your gender or your beliefs—everyone is going to participate and contribute in their own way. And if everyone feels like they can and they can be themselves but they can also be Uber, then I know I’ve succeeded. That’s my goal.”

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