Uber Doling Out $250 Million in Bonuses to Drivers

SAN FRANCISCO — Uber, the nation’s leading ride-sharing company, is launching a $250 million driver stimulus to get more drivers back on the road.

The company saw a huge decline in rides requested over the past year due to the pandemic and many drivers switched over to food delivery with Doordash or grocery delivery with Instacart. Some drivers were also afraid to pick up passengers that might carry the coronavirus.

Uber said in a new SEC filing that March was the busiest year ever in the company’s 12-year history. There are more riders requesting trips than there are drivers available to give them so Uber is trying to get more drivers on the road.

Uber is offering incentives and bonuses for returning drivers and new ones based on the number of rides given per night or in one week.

The company released stats on how much drivers are making right now in fove U.S. cities. These figures are before tips—and before the $250 million stimulus from Uber:

City Median earnings per hour
Philadelphia $31.03
Chicago $28.73
Austin $26.66
Miami $26.05
Phoenix $25.94


The figures don’t include expenses like gas or maintenance of cars paid for by drivers.