Two Hour Black Friday Glitch Costs Swedish Skintech Brand FOREO 10 Million Dollars

- Despite millions of losses, FOREO confirms it will honor all 38,575 sales -

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Swedish skintech brand FOREO, released a statement confirming it will honor all Black Friday sales made on Friday, Nov. 29 where a system glitch allowed Black Friday shoppers the option to purchase the UFO smart masking device for $9.90 USD - a fraction of its actual retail price of $279 USD.

The full extent of the glitch was confirmed this morning when data showed a total of 38,575 UFO devices were purchased for $9.90 USD - costing the company more than $10 million USD in lost revenue, in just two hours.

The glitch, which affected the site globally, is thought to have started around 12:30 p.m. PST on Friday, Nov. 29 when an insurge of irregular traffic caused the site to crash for the first time.

Assuming it was Black Friday madness, the company’s tech team repaired the fault but failed to notice the UFO mishap, leaving the option still open to purchase.

By approximately 2:00 p.m. PST, a second site crash initiated a further investigation and with session users hitting unprecedented levels the fault was escalated by FOREO’s global tech team working the nightshift. Social media channels were flooded with messages about the UFO at $9.90 USD as fear of missing out syndrome appeared to have taken effect around the world.

Around one hour and 20 minutes into the glitch, 20 UFOs per second were being purchased across the globe on

By midnight, the glitch was resolved and rectified, and it was understood to be human error listing the UFO device for $9.90 USD.

"It was an error on our part, however, seeing the number of orders placed per minute is a testament that our customers have their eyes on the brand and our innovations," said Beki Hoxha, General Manager, FOREO North America. "This opened the door for new customers to understand who FOREO really is and we are happy to honor everyone's purchases."

In total, the FOREO glitch is thought to have lasted around 120 minutes, generated 38,575 sales of UFO at a 96% discount, which has cost the brand upwards of $10 million USD. The usual retail price of the UFO is $279 USD.

Any customers who have questions regarding the error or the status of their order may reach out to the Customer Care team at


Swedish beauty-tech brand, FOREO, offers a new standard of beauty and wellness solutions, from the award-winning facial cleansing brushes in its LUNA line, inventing a whole new way to mask courtesy of UFO, to reinventing the toothbrush with ISSA. This approach is bold: the brand doesn’t just improve existing designs - FOREO Sweden tears them down and restarts from the ground up - ensuring the best solutions are not reserved for the wealthy few. FOREO promotes self-confidence: when you feel good, you look good - mission complete!


Cindy Pino
Public Relations Manager, FOREO North America

Diana Bustamante
Public Relations Assistant, FOREO North America