TTN Introduces “Intra-sourcing” with White Paper

ARGYLE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tyler Harden, Executive Vice President of TTN Fleet Solutions, announced today the company’s release of a white paper titled, Intra-sourcing: A Model for Collaboration and Business Continuity.

Harden described “Intra-sourcing” as a business model that captures the benefits of both insourcing and outsourcing — one that would allow fleet maintenance professionals and contact center operators to maintain control of policies and protocols even as they leverage technology, expertise, and infrastructure offered by third-party service providers like TTN. He said the solution — and the white paper — should be of particular interest to companies interested in maintaining fleet services during emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The white paper can be downloaded at the company’s website, here:

“At its heart, intra-sourcing is a high-performance business model through which organizations mitigate risk, generate new value, and achieve competitive advantage,” Harden said. “It can best be characterized as a long-term, business collaboration where business functions — such as call center and fleet maintenance services — are maintained through the combined efforts of internal and external partners, where both are heavily invested in the outcome of the collaboration.”

The white paper provides examples for fleet managers and operators to consider, and it suggest keys to success for implementing intra-sourcing.

“We operate at the tip of the spear,” Tyler declared, “as the industry’s preferred choice for modern approaches to maintaining fleet and equipment uptime in an environment as dynamic as the one our industry is facing now. Fleet maintenance professionals are finding themselves under unique pressures and in unchartered circumstances. With this white paper, we’re suggesting a way forward that can minimize risk, generate new value, and achieve competitive advantage.”

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