Tom Skerritt’s Media Company, Triple Squirrels, Launches the EVRGRN Channel to Highlight the Creative, Independent Spirit of the Pacific Northwest

New ad-supported streaming channel offers 24/7 access to uniquely curated content including Academy Award-nominated films and Seattle International Film Festival selections

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Triple Squirrels Inc. (Triple Squirrels), a digital media company founded by Emmy Award-winning TV and film actor Tom Skerritt, today announces the launch of the EVRGRN Channel. EVRGRN, a lifestyle channel, celebrates the creative and independent spirit of the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and challenges viewers to explore the possibilities within their own imaginations.

The free, ad-supported channel is initially available on STIRR, a streaming service accessible on web browsers and apps for iOS, Android and various streaming TV devices. Viewers can access EVRGRN on STIRR channel 284. The content is also available on demand.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the EVRGRN Channel and demonstrate the disproportionate cultural impact this region has had globally on the arts, music, and environmental and social causes,” said Leslie Grandy, CEO of Triple Squirrels. “EVRGRN gives content owners access to new audiences, while offering viewers entertainment that is thoughtfully-curated, easily accessible, inspiring and embodies their values.”

The stories told on the EVRGRN Channel demonstrate the breadth of the PNW’s cultural influence and ethos, and represent a lifestyle that celebrates creativity, curiosity, passion and adventure. The EVRGRN channel will advance Skerritt’s mission and continue his lifelong journey to support the creative community and share the spirit of the region he has made his home for more than 35 years.

“I have always been enamored by pursuing and sparking imagination through digital media and storytelling,” said Tom Skerritt, chief creative officer of Triple Squirrels. “With the EVRGRN Channel, we’re providing a platform for the world-class creative energy that thrives in the Pacific Northwest and sharing it with audiences around the world.”

Key elements that make the free EVRGRN Channel unique for viewers include:

  • Quality of the content. Programming on the EVRGRN Channel is curated by Tom Skerritt, capturing the cultural traits of the PNW for individuals who treasure adventure and imagination. The renowned programming features musicians including Jimi Hendrix, Macklemore, Kurt Cobain and Pearl Jam, as well as Academy Award-nominated animated films and Seattle International Film Festival selections showcased in EVRGRN’s original anthology series, The Snack Bar. With the launch of EVRGRN, it is the first time many titles will be available to viewers for free on streaming services. The channel also offers a selection of Skerritt’s own films, including Soda Springs, Redwood Highway and Rocky Mountain Fly Highway.
  • Variety of the catalog. From music to movies, glass blowing to totem pole carving and fly fishing, the EVRGRN Channel features a wide range of content from influential creators that have origins in the PNW, a region which encompasses Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia. Even the EVRGRN Channel’s theme song, Eddie Vedder’s acoustic guitar track, Tuolumne, from the soundtrack album, Into the Wild, speaks to the company’s mission to celebrate the region’s unique style. The mix of programming crosses genres and formats and is a thematic result of the careful curation of content for audiences that enjoy the spirit of adventure, imagination, activism, and nature.

"When Tom approached me about sharing Out of Nothing with Triple Squirrels' EVRGRN channel, my answer was a resounding 'yes,'” said Andrew Lahmann, director, editor and producer from the PNW. “Our story showcases the efforts and grit of four tenacious men from the Pacific Northwest who set out to conquer their dreams of breaking land speed records. It's the timeless story of passion and perseverance, with both the main subjects and filmmaking team stemming from Washington state. To connect this film with EVRGRN channel's mission and viewers seemed like the perfect match, and we hope our story inspires everyone to remain steadfast in their pursuit of whatever dreams they seek, even in the face of adversity."

About Triple Squirrels

Triple Squirrels Inc., (Triple Squirrels) is a digital media company founded by the Emmy Award-winning TV and film actor, Tom Skerritt in 2020. Triple Squirrels’ product, The EVRGRN Channel is available to viewers on Channel 284 via STIRR for web browsers and the STIRR app for smartphone and various streaming platforms. To learn more about Triple Squirrels and The EVRGRN Channel, visit Parties interested in partnering with Triple Squirrels can contact the team at


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