Tenth Revolution Group Creates 600 New Jobs Globally

The cloud technology specialist has announced the creation of 600 roles worldwide, increasing sales headcount by 50%, to meet increased demand for services

PHILADELPHIA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Businesses around the world are now laser-focused on digital transformation, leading to a growing digital skills gap. This has facilitated the immediate need for 600 new sales roles at cloud technology recruitment and talent creation specialist, Tenth Revolution Group.

The staffing sector has witnessed some high-profile cutbacks due to disruption in the job market, with businesses in the recruitment supply chain like LinkedIn and Monster reducing their global headcount by 6% and 8% respectively and most staffing agencies, including many of the listed recruiters, significantly decreasing group headcount in the last quarter.

The demand for digital and cloud technology has grown exponentially through the need for remote working and online or contact-free services. This has presented unprecedented opportunities for Tenth Revolution Group, whose market-leading recruitment and upskilling divisions focus on cloud technologies such as Salesforce, AWS, Microsoft Dynamics and Azure.

With over 20 offices across four continents, the company has been operating fully remotely since the COVID-19 outbreak and has continued pushing to meet its ambitious growth plans by introducing roles ranging from Senior Recruitment Consultant to Executive Vice President of Sales in Scottsdale, Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, Tampa, New York City, and Philadelphia.

While the landscape has been challenging for most staffing firms, James Lloyd-Townshend, Chairman and CEO at Tenth Revolution Group, believes the new normal presents an unparalleled opportunity for experienced recruiters, regardless of their background, to move into an emerging focus sector that’s only just beginning to realise its potential.

“Recruiters have naturally been impacted by COVID-19,” said Lloyd-Townshend. “The number of physical job interviews has dropped dramatically due to social distancing measures, and many businesses have been sceptical of growing their headcount in a climate where even the short-term seems hazy.

“Unfortunately, this has led to job losses in the talent solutions sector, particularly with generalist recruiters, but some industries have pushed through the pandemic and emerged with an even greater need for qualified staff.

“As a specialist technology recruiter, we’ve actually seen the appetite for our services grow. The rise of remote working means more businesses are looking towards cloud-based software and solutions, which has increased the demand for staff with both technology partners and customers.”

Zoe Morris, President at Tenth Revolution Group, says the company’s focus on niche cloud technology means experienced recruiters can specialise in an emerging market, even without a tech background. “We’re looking to take on skilled recruiters from any industry, as they will already understand the staffing process and how to take care of customers. Our world-class in-house training will teach them everything they need to know about our technical markets; in short, you don’t need a tech background to work in tech!”

“While the physical world was closed down, the cloud sector grew exponentially,” said Morris. “It means we’ve been able to grow our headcount by 8% in the last month and plan on introducing another 600 members of staff globally (50% sales headcount growth) by the end of 2020. This focus on cloud technology meant our business was futureproof, even in an environment nobody could have predicted.”

About Tenth Revolution Group:

Tenth Revolution Group is the global leader in cloud talent solutions, uniquely equipped to deliver digital transformation through people. We're dedicated to providing our clients with the most sought-after cloud talent in the world. Through our portfolio of niche staffing and talent creation brands, we not only source but also create the resource that businesses need to take advantage of all cloud tech has to offer.

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