Suretypedia Converts to a #Crowdsourced Platform

Industry experts can now publish insightful content and update the Suretypedia bond database

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#insurance--Suretypedia, the free encyclopedia for surety bonds, launches a major upgrade to, which provides a brand new interface and allows surety experts to contribute articles, update information and submit forms on its vast encyclopedia of surety bonds. The new home page provides users a dashboard to easily navigate the thousands of dedicated surety bond pages, browse featured articles, news, upcoming events and legislative updates affecting the surety industry.

“In August 2018, we opened up our entire database of downloadable, interactive bond forms and saw an explosion of activity on the site with many industry experts reaching out with a desire to contribute content, update bond forms and generally further Suretypedia’s mission. At that moment, we knew we had the opportunity to transform our platform to a crowdsourced treasure trove of content powered by the Suretypedia community,” said Bjorn Simundson, Founder/CEO of Suretypedia creator, Moonshot Works. “Providing our community with a single platform to engage and learn from one another poses tremendous benefit to the industry. We expect our database and content to continue to expand as a go-to resource for all of our users,” Simundson added.

“We are extremely pleased with the enhanced functionality of the site. Surety professionals, principals and obligees alike will be able to engage on a single platform, which is a unique concept in the marketplace. The Suretypedia team will vet all contributed content to ensure Suretypedia remains a trusted source of information on surety bonds, allowing our Contributors to raise their profile as thought leaders in the surety community. We can’t wait to further engage with the Surety community!” Simundson said.

Suretypedia began in 2018 as an encyclopedic reference for every surety bond. With this latest enhancement, the site is rapidly becoming the go-to resource for all things surety.

About Suretypedia is the go-to online resource for information on surety bonds in the United States. Our mission is to provide transparent, in-depth information on every surety bond in the USA. Suretypedia is designed to benefit the education community, the insurance industry, government, quasi-government and private organizations that establish surety bond requirements, and the businesses and individuals who purchase surety bonds.


About Moonshot Works

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