Venture Funding

Staffing Firm Wonolo Raises $32 Million Series C

On-demand staffing service Wonolo has raised a $32 million Series C funding round, led by Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from Sequoia Capital, DAG Ventures, Base10, AMN Healthcare, and Cendana Capital.

Wonolo has now raised over $60 million to date.

The company says it will use the funding to expand at its two headquarters in San Francisco and Nashville, as well as in satellite offices around the world — and accelerate technology platform growth. Bain partner Jamison Hill is helping put Wonolo’s technology into the hands of major Fortune 500 companies to help revolutionize the traditional staffing model and address the unmet needs of millions of American workers.

“Wonolo is reinventing the way people find hourly work. Their technology platform creates more flexibility for underemployed workers and fills hiring needs for understaffed companies insanely fast and at a disruptively lower cost,” said Jamison Hill, senior principal at Bain Capital Ventures and a member of Wonolo’s board. “We are excited to support the Wonolo team in pursuing their grand mission of bringing flexible and fulfilling work to everyone.”

Hourly workers in major markets across the country rely on Wonolo to find jobs that support their needs. There are now 300,000 users on Wonolo’s platform, which matches workers with thousands of brands using Wonolo for flexible staffing. Brands using Wonolo include Coca-Cola, Papa Johns, and Uniqlo.

“When we founded Wonolo in 2014, we had a two-part goal of solving the underemployment epidemic for Americans while simultaneously eliminating the temporary staffing shortage large brands face,” said Yong Kim, CEO and co-founder at Wonolo. “Over the past four years, we have scaled our business model and built a thriving marketplace that connects hundreds of thousands of underemployed workers with the jobs they need. Bain Capital Ventures is providing us with the opportunity to put Wonolo’s technology into the hands of major Fortune 500 companies to help upend traditional staffing models.”