Venture Funding

Softbank Leads $400 Million Round in Zymergen

EMERYVILLE — Zymergen, the world’s first molecular manufacturing technology company, has raised over $400 million in Series C funding led by returning investor SoftBank Vision Fund. New investors include Goldman Sachs and Hanwha Asset Management, as well as returning investors, DCVC (Data Collective), True Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, DFJ and Innovation Endeavors.

Zymergen is unleashing biology’s potential for industry. By leveraging advances in artificial intelligence, robotic lab automation, and cutting-edge genomics, Zymergen has unlocked previously inaccessible sources of molecular diversity for critical industries around the world. With its proprietary technology platform, the company makes novel and improved molecules to meet the greatest needs of global leaders in manufacturing, specialty chemicals, food and agriculture, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. Zymergen delivers its customers material diversity and performance capabilities not previously possible by rapidly, reliably, and cost-effectively engineering biology. Today, Zymergen is enabling real-world product outcomes for Fortune 1000 customers that are orders of magnitude greater than any other similar approach, at 100,000 metric ton and greater scales.

“We believe biology will allow us to reinvent all kinds of material products we use in our everyday lives,” said Joshua Hoffman, Zymergen co-founder and CEO. “With the Vision Fund’s continued investment, and the support and validation from top financial institutions, we will lead the discovery, development and engineering of new molecular products and usher in a wave of industrial innovation built on biology. Zymergen enables its globally leading customers to deliver new and existing products faster, more profitably, at higher quality, with a dramatically reduced environmental footprint, all on a repeatable basis.”

Zymergen’s Series C funding will allow the company to double the capacity of its platform to meet the needs of its growing global client roster. The company will also invest in enhancing its platform, increasing the speed and predictability with which it can program and optimize biology for specific traits. Zymergen will also begin commercializing products from its proprietary portfolio, including several with transformative impacts on global quality of life and population health. This combination of commercial success and continued platform innovation will catalyze industrial progress across agriculture, chemicals and materials, pharmaceuticals, and more.

“The secular trend of synthetic biology, enabled by the genomics revolution and computational biology, is creating new opportunities across multiple industrial sectors,” said Deep Nishar, Senior Managing Partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers. “We believe the company’s differentiated combination of AI and genomics creates a platform that makes it economically viable to engineer biology and build better, novel, and sustainable products. We are excited to support the Zymergen team in unlocking this potential to advance industries past their dependency on conventional hydrocarbon processing.”