Social Safety Badge and Quality Guidelines Launched by Internet Dating Excellence Association (IDEA)

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Internet Dating Excellence Association today launches the Social Safety Badge and Guidelines for high quality dating apps.

Online dating continues to grow at a rapid pace globally due to increasing connectivity, a growing percentage of singles, and a fading stigma around online dating. With more than 7,500 global dating apps currently available, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to identify and select safe high quality apps. To assist users in overcoming this challenge, IDEA has created a certification badge in order to help users distinguish apps that are making social safety a real priority.

The purpose of the badge is to ensure that the apps holding the badge have agreed to meet specific and transparent content standards. The self-certification badge comes with a set of guidelines that go above and beyond typical dating app guidelines for safety and content and conduct. The purpose of the badge is to help users discern dating apps that are putting safety at the core of their business. The guidelines cover:

  • Respect For Others
  • Respect For The Rights Of Others
  • Respect For Minors
  • Respect For The Community
  • Respect For Larger Community

"The goal of this badge is to help users identify dating, matchmaking and social apps that are distinguished in their commitment to a safe and exceptional experience for users," said IDEA President Mark Brooks.

The following dating apps are in the initial launch group and have signed on to the badge, stating that they will adhere to the guidelines.

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IDEA was formed in 2007 as the Internet Dating Executive Alliance and changed to the Internet Dating Excellence Association in 2018. The group is made up of 700+ dating industry executives and dating company leaders and innovators from around the world.

About IDEA:
The purpose of the Internet Dating Excellence Association is to help the Internet dating industry achieve its long term potential. We inspire business leaders, product designers and innovators to excel and grow through more informed thinking and decision making. IDEA has 700+ group members.


Mark Brooks
President, IDEA
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