Social Media Sentiment Analysis: Analyzing Customer Perceptions to Develop New Products & Optimize Marketing Strategies

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LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Analytics--Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems, has announced the completion of its recent engagement that throws light on how social media sentiment analysis helped an electronic device manufacturer transform social media data into actionable insights.

The case study aligns perfectly with Quantzig’s commitment to helping its clients transform business processes using data and insights from social platforms.

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Social media plays a huge role in everyone’s life and is slowly turning out to be the go-to platform for people to express their opinions and personal experiences. In this context, it would be right to say that the proliferation of technology along with social platforms has played a major role in bridging the communication gap that exists between businesses and their customers. But the real challenge lies in analyzing the data sets obtained from these platforms to draw conclusive data-driven insights. In this case, the client an electronic device manufacturer approached Quantzig looking to leverage its social media sentiment analysis solutions to transform its online social data into actionable insights.

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Key Questions Answered

1. Can social media sentiment analysis help me drive customer experience?

2. How can social media analytics help me identify and categorize the tone of online conversations?

3. Why is social media sentiment analysis crucial for a product launch?

According to Quantzig’s social media sentiment analysis experts, “Social media sentiment analysis is an analytical approach that focuses on leveraging natural language processing and text mining to monitor the online customer conversations and determine the deeper context as they apply to a specific brand or topic.”

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How Social Media Sentiment Analysis Helped the Electronic Devices Manufacturer

1: Identified key problem areas

2: Built product roadmaps to generate new revenue streams

3: Modified online marketing strategies based on both the positive and negative reactions of customers

Our mission, in this case, was to spearhead the manufacturer’s effort to use social media sentiment analysis to gauge customer needs and build new products. By leveraging social media sentiment analysis, we not only helped the client capitalize on social media interactions but were successful in presenting our findings and dictating the next best step for their brand.

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