SIMO Patent Infringement Verdict Forces Competitor uCloudlink to Adopt Work-Around Technology for WiFi HotSpot Devices and Mobile Phone

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#skyroaming--After a considerable win (see full article) where uCloudlink Network Technology Ltd. (operating under the brand name of GlocalMe), was found to have willfully infringed on the patented technology of SIMO Holdings Inc (parent company of Skyroam), the District Court for the Southern District of New York ordered in an injunction that uCloudlink stop selling its infringing hotspots and mobile phone and cease providing data to these devices via its Cloud Sim technology in the United States.

The Court’s permanent injunction persists today, and uCloudlink remains prohibited from selling or enabling the use of the original-design models of the U2, G2, and G3 mobile WiFi hotspots, and its S1 mobile phone.

Despite expending resources over the course of several months redesigning its products and trying to convince the Court to modify the permanent injunction, the Court refused on several occasions to permit uCloudlink to reenter the market, even with its redesigned products. In a recent Order, the Court conceded that uCloudlink’s redesigned devices, as understood by the Court’s own interpretation of the claims at issue, differed enough from their original design that they should be excluded from the injunction.

Publicly available testimony from uCloudlink’s own engineers confirms that in order to accomplish the design work-around that ultimately convinced the Court, uCloudlink updated its devices with software that makes them less efficient and more likely to fail to connect to a wireless network. Even uCloudlink admits the redesign may result in limited “intelligent network hopping” which may disrupt the connectivity of the devices in the field.

“We are relieved that the Court properly recognized that uCloudlink should not be able to unfairly compete using SIMO’s superior, patented technology,” Jing Liu, CEO of SIMO.

SIMO believes uCloudlink’s devices may still infringe its patent and intends to vigorously pursue its claims to that effect. SIMO also believes that the Court’s ruling (and uCloudlink’s redesign) further highlights the superior functionality of SIMO’s Skyroam WiFi hotspot devices to deliver fast mobile data on the best local networks worldwide.


Meredith Valentine