Secretary of State’s Office Launches Major Update to West Virginia One Stop Business Portal

New update makes it more efficient than ever to register a new business in West Virginia

CHARLESTON, W. Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office recently rolled out a major update to the West Virginia One Stop Business Portal, making it easier and more efficient for entrepreneurs to register a business.

The update includes many improvements and enhancements, most notably a new shopping cart feature, new file upload functionality for supporting filing documents and new options for requesting expedite service from the Secretary of State’s Office.

The new shopping cart feature enables users to pay for multiple filings in a single checkout where before the checkout process had to be completed for each filing. The new file upload functionality allows users to attach supporting documents, which eliminates the need to email, fax or mail them separately after the filing is completed and drastically improves the efficiency of processing registrations by the filing office.

For busy business owners with tight deadlines, new options have been added which enable users to request expedite service for filings and selections include one hour, two hours or 24 hours. Previously, expedite service could only be requested by calling or visiting the filing office and completing the expedite service form.

“I’m thrilled with the new efficiencies we’re able to provide to the businesses we serve with the update to the West Virginia One Stop Business Portal website,” said Secretary of State Mac Warner. “This latest round of improvements to the online system supports our goal to make West Virginia the most efficient state in the nation for opening and operating a new business, and we are not done yet.”

Over the past two years, the Secretary of State’s Office has made major improvements to its services to make it easier for customers around the state to register new businesses online. In addition, the redesigned website makes it easier for the state’s 117,000 current business organizations to file annual reports and other official documents online.

"On paper, these changes may seem small, but they are far from it,” said Penney Barker, Business & Licensing Director for the West Virginia Secretary of State’s Office. “For instance, by adding functionality to enable users to attach supporting documents that are required for a specific filing type, staff are immediately able to begin processing the filing as soon as it’s received which improves the efficiency and turnaround time in getting registrations reviewed and approved. We continue to strive to provide the very best possible service to the business community.”

The West Virginia One Stop Business Portal is the result of a multi-agency collaboration between the West Virginia Secretary of State, WorkForce West Virginia, the West Virginia State Tax Department and the West Virginia Division of Labor. For more information about the West Virginia One Stop Business Portal, visit

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