Resonant Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with Janssen

Target Discovery and Therapeutic Validation Collaboration is Resonant’s First Announced Deal

HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Resonant Therapeutics, Inc. announced that the company has entered into an agreement with Janssen Research and Development, LLC (“Janssen”) with the aim to discover and validate novel tumor and immunological targets, and to validate certain therapeutic candidates. The collaboration leverages Resonant’s proprietary IMPaCT tumor microenvironment model and target validation platform, which earned them a Johnson & Johnson Innovation - JLABS @ TMC QuickFire Challenge award in 2016, and Janssen industry-leading oncology capabilities to rapidly advance new targets and therapeutic opportunities.

John K. Westwick, Ph.D., Resonant Founder and CEO said “Resonant was launched to industrialize our tumor-microenvironment IMPaCT platform in order to efficiently discover, validate, and prioritize antibody therapeutics via a data-driven biological pipeline. We are delighted to collaborate with industry-leader Janssen with the aim to help validate therapeutic candidates and novel functional tumor and immunological targets for difficult-to-treat cancers.”

Specific details of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Resonant Therapeutics, Inc.

Resonant exploits its proprietary IMPaCT tumor microenvironment model and data platform to discover novel, unappreciated targets and functionally active anti-tumor antibodies for difficult to treat tumors. Our live cell, function-first approach lets the tumor cells, microenvironment, and live animal immune systems do the work of target and therapeutic candidate identification and validation. Resonant’s models are based in part on technology developed in the laboratory of Dr. Steve Weiss in the Life Sciences Institute at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The platform has undergone several years of optimization, resulting in an industrialized process and the establishment of a broad pipeline of novel monoclonal antibody therapeutic candidates. The Company is a resident of Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS (JLABS @ TMC), a premier life science incubator program. Resonant has received institutional funding from Mercury Fund (headquartered in Houston) and MINTS (Ann Arbor).


John K. Westwick, Ph.D., CEO