Replex Announces DevOps Team Budgeting and Collaboration Capabilities to Optimize Cost and Resource Efficiency of Kubernetes Applications

Kubernetes Cost Governance Platform Allows Distributed Teams to Monitor and Lower Cloud Native Infrastructure Spend Across Clusters and Clouds

LEIPZIG, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#cloudcost--Replex (, the cost governance and management platform purpose built for Kubernetes, today announced new monitoring and budgeting capabilities, as well as additional API integrations, that give enterprise software development teams greater visibility and control over the efficiencies of Kubernetes-based applications.

Replex is trusted by organizations that include BMW, Panasonic, and Vodafone, and gives enterprise customers the ability to regain control, transparency, and efficiency of Kubernetes clusters across cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. It allows customers to rightsize cluster, pod, and container sizes for optimal utilization, control costs based on real-time and historical utilization, forecast costs, identify trends, manage chargebacks, and plan capacity. With its latest release, Replex now also offers:

  • Replex Teams: Create teams with individual clusters, namespaces or labels for more granular insight into costs and efficiencies and create team budgets to monitor compliance.
  • Team Budgeting and Alerts: Create teams with individual clusters, namespaces or labels for a granular view of costs and efficiencies.
  • Monitoring & Provisioning: New integrations with monitoring and provisioning APIs such as Datadog, Instana, Prometheus, and Stackdriver.
  • Cluster Efficiency: Instantly view and understand team efficiencies based on cluster resource usage.
  • Idle Cost & Utilized Cost: Split costs into Utilized & Idle Costs to fully understand infrastructure resource utilization and overall spend.
  • Cost Forecast: Accurate cost forecasts based on current resource consumption.
  • Namespace View: Visibility into cross-cluster namespace costs and resources.
  • Nodes View: A Nodes view allows teams to see cross-cluster node costs and resources.
  • Pod View: Gain insights and control into the cost and resource efficiency for every pod.
  • Billing Support: Access billing data for AWS, GCP and Azure through Cloud Provider APIs.

“Cost is a top challenge for Kubernetes adoption after security and compliance. Replex makes it easy for DevOps and developer teams to justify the costs associated with digital transformation to cloud-native applications and lower cloud spend by over 30%,” said Patrick Kirchhoff, CEO of Replex. “Our latest release will now give enterprise customers greater visibility into the true costs of cloud services so they can squeeze out even greater efficiencies. This is more important than ever for large, distributed teams, and for those who now must work virtually.”


Replex ( is the only cloud cost management and governance platform purpose built for cloud-native infrastructure. With Replex, enterprises are able to regain control, governance, and predictability over cloud costs for the complete spectrum of IT infrastructure, from on-premises and VMs to multi-cloud and Kubernetes-based architectures. Replex has raised $4.2 million in seed investment by Entrepreneurs Investment Fund, eValue, and EnBW New Ventures, High-Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF) and Technologiegruenderfonds Sachsen (TGFS). Founded in 2016, Replex is based in San Francisco, CA and Leipzig, Germany. To learn more, visit


Jennifer Lankford