Razor Startup Shavelogic Launches S5 Shaving System

New Product Represents First Major, Non-Line Extension Shavetech On Market in Years

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, Shavelogic Inc. announced the launch of its groundbreaking S5 shaving system. The launch brings overdue innovation to the razor category and represents a new peak in industrial design for gear that creates a truly different shaving experience.

Over ten years ago, I realized I hated shaving,” said Rob Wilson, CEO and Co-Founder of Shavelogic. “I tried everything and no matter the price, even the best products irritated my skin – and me. Grooming tools were just not innovative or cool. I wanted better gear and a better shave that could turn an everyday act into an affordable luxury for the global mass market. At Shavelogic, we are makers – not marketers. So we started a business that invented, designed and patented the S5, a true leap forward in wet shave technology and craftsmanship.”

For more information, read the launch blog and review the press kit.

The S5 Welcome Kit is available for $25 with a moneyback guarantee and comes with a $10 thank you gift card at www.shavelogic.com

About Shavelogic

For people that want to defy convention, Shavelogic defies nicks, cuts, gimmicks and naysayers by offering a superior shaving experience. Handles feature all-metal ergonomics, an intuitive magnetic connection to the cartridge, and are guaranteed for life. Founded in 2009 by Rob Wilson and Duwayne Miller, the company has invested over $40 million to date and holds over 100 worldwide patents.

Visit www.shavelogic.com to join us in defying convention.


John O’Brien
John Franklin