RackN Digital Rebar v4.4 Delivers Secure Provisioning and Bare Metal Cloud

Self-Service APIs and End-to-End Security Enable Fully Autonomous Enterprise and Edge Data Centers

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--RackN, the company building software to enable Continuously Integrated Data Centers (CIDC), today announced RackN Digital Rebar Platform version 4.4 as the latest update for enterprise and edge infrastructure as code for bare metal. The release includes two new customer-driven features with next generation cloud-like functionality: resource pooling which simplifies Bare Metal Consumption APIs and secure boot which is the last link in an end-to-end security automation chain.

“Fortune 500 companies are choosing RackN Digital Rebar Platform as the foundation for their next generation infrastructure designs, and this version of RackN moves closer to delivering the vision of a completely self-managed, autonomous and continuously integrated data center,” said Rob Hirschfeld, co-founder and CEO, RackN. “Our Infrastructure as Code offering automates service chaining to enable control and security throughout the entire management process - implementing a control plane for heterogeneous infrastructure creating full control and deep economic gains.”

Achieving Usability Gains without Compromise

RackN’s Digital Rebar v4.4 provides users with two new capabilities:

  • Infrastructure Resource Pooling - providing APIs that create a “bare metal cloud” consumable by tools like Terraform. Pooling creates capabilities that abstract Machines into resource groups that can be allocated generically from a single API making the system more elastic. This functionality enables cloud-like behavior because operators can request a Machine based on an attribute map rather before assigning a specific Machine(s). The Pooling system also provides operator Workflows for allocation and reallocation processes. Benefits for Operators include controls and transparency to monitor while optimizing and managing end-user consumption in a scalable way. This balance reflects the RackN focus on self-management by helping infrastructure operators create SaaS like offerings.
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Secure Boot - ensuring customers no longer have to choose between security or automation. Previously, most companies disregarded the risk of disabling the TPM because it is difficult to automate. This created security risks compromising operating systems especially in edge locations. Compliance issues emerge. RackN solves this flaw by enabling an intrinsically trusted, data center out of the box. Version 4.4 specifically, allows for fully automated processes from first boot to full cluster in under an hour with advanced features making infrastructure “secure by default.” A 100% compliance pass will now be standard. Additionally, out of band management passwords, tls certs, VLAN will all be secure by default with this new upgrade.

Product Availability

All v4.4 features are available in the RackN catalogue. Free self-trial and demonstrations are available on Rackn.com/resources/videos.

About RackN

RackN Digital Rebar is a data center control plane using infrastructure as code, operational transparency, API-led design, a deep catalog of integrations and enterprise grade features. It inherently fixes access to the bare metal lifecycle and then can work up the stack. Fortune 500 companies rely on RackN to manage sites consistently across the globe. Visit www.rackn.com for more information.


Heather Fitzsimmons